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Why use a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

With Hughes as a trusted managed service provider, you’ll unleash a new network that accelerates your ability to create amazing user and customer experiences.


Reduce deployment risk

Improve timeliness of IT delivery

Enhance technical capabilities

Ensure success

Turning to an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Hughes reduces your risk, improves time to deployment, enhances your technical capabilities, and ensures success when delivering IT initiatives. Hughes customers have little to worry about when it comes to deploying complex solutions. That means, having the right resources, expertise, and experience to unleash and enhance your network in ways that better serve your users and customers, resulting in improved business outcomes.

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When to Turn to an Experienced MSP?
MSP Skillset Icon
When you need a new IT skillset on your team
Maintaining comprehensive IT expertise, as technology expands and evolves rapidly, is an all but impossible task. Working with an MSP can enable you to efficiently grow your capabilities.
MSP Rollout Icon
When you need resources for a technology rollout
Transitioning to any new technology – be it networking, security, or cloud-based – requires tremendous planning and effort, with no time for on-the-job training. An MSP delivers expertise and assurance that your project will be delivered on time and with little to no disruption for your business.
MSP Team Icon
When you want a more agile, lean IT team
Whether you want to outsource only select technical items or broader functional areas, an MSP can meet all your IT staffing needs, making it easier to be more agile and manage the enterprise. Given the rising number of vendors and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) associated with the average network, this model greatly reduces management complexity.
MSP Partner Icon
When you need to rise above the day-to-day
Your IT resources are finite. With Hughes as your MSP partner, you can keep your valuable in-house resources focused on the most important IT initiatives with the power to propel the business; and leave the day-to-day network management to us.

Support from a World Class Partner

With over 50 years of innovation, coupled with our development and service delivery expertise, Hughes is a trusted managed service provider and leading one-stop shop for multi-branch organizations around the world.

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