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Ransomware and Zero-Day Prevention

Protect your devices with Hughes Ransomware and Zero-Day Prevention, offering multi-layer prediction and prevention capabilities that respond against cyber threats.


Hughes Ransomware and Zero-Day Prevention is a threat prevention and response service that provides endpoint protection in an easy-to-deploy solution. Through a multi-layer prediction and prevention-first approach, Hughes Ransomware and Zero-Day Prevention prevents and responds to known and unknown cyber threats, such as ransomware and zero-day attacks.

Hughes Ransomware and Zero-Day Prevention capabilities include:

  • Prevents ransomware and zero-day attacks
  • 24/7 monitoring and notification
  • Incident response
  • Periodic reporting
  • Periodic reviews with a Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst

Hughes Ransomware and Zero-Day Prevention is deployed through a lightweight agent that is installed on customer endpoints (corporate computers, laptops, phones, tablets, etc.). The Hughes 24/7 SOC analyzes data and reviews incidents as they occur, providing immediate notification and response.

Agents are available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Android, and Linux.

Some of the threats addressed through Hughes Ransomware and Zero-Day Prevention include:


  • Prevents ransomware, spyware, and Trojans, as well as known and unknown threats (zero-day attacks)

Static Analysis of Supported File Types 

  • Supports 100+ file types, including executable files, Microsoft Office, PDF, RTF, Flash, JAR, images, fonts, and archive files.

Fileless Script-Based Attacks 

  • Protects against fileless attacks that are script-based, including PowerShell, MASHTA, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML applications, and more.

The local agent instantly analyzes potential threats to prevent downloads/writing to disk and in-memory execution. SOC analysts will confirm, notify, and update status and safelists as per the Incident Response Runbook.


Additional benefits include:


  • Prevents over 99% of unknown, zero-day, and ransomware attacks—an industry leading figure
  • Lowers impact on the SOC with a less than 0.1% false-positive rate
  • Makes malicious vs. benign decisions independently without cloud threat intel
  • Provides extremely fast threat prevention in under 20ms pre-execution

Ransomware and Zero-Day Prevention alerts are sent via email. For critical alerts, customers will also be called directly to ensure a rapid response time.

Ransomware and Zero-Day Prevention can also be layered with our EDR, NDR, or MDR services. To learn more about what the right solutions for a business of your size might be, reach out to our team of experts for a free consultation.

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