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Elevate the Passenger Experience with Aero Mobility Solutions

Create a “living room experience” in the air with high speeds, consistent connections and plenty of bandwidth.


When it comes to the passenger experience, providing dependable in-flight Wi-Fi is no longer a perk of travel, it’s a necessity. Having the ability to send and receive email is not enough: passengers want to surf the web, hold video calls and stream movies just like they can on land. They expect a “living room experience” in the air with high speeds and plenty of bandwidth. Crews also need instant access to information—from weather to air traffic to security. Flight safety can also be enhanced with connectivity to support sensor data and constant equipment monitoring.

Delivering the ultimate in flexibility for airline service providers, Hughes enables you to design your own aero mobility solutions to meet your business needs. Solutions include leveraging high-throughput geostationary (GEO) or Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite capacity, onboard equipment, systems integration and network operations. Through our own vertically integrated solution across the Americas and working with partners worldwide, we make it easy to bring together the right transport, equipment, installation and network management to support you and your customers’ need for dependable, scalable, high-capacity aero connectivity.

With Hughes aero mobility solutions, aeronautical service providers can enjoy:

Greater capacity and high-speed connectivity. Our aero mobility solutions deliver the capacity density necessary to keep airplanes full of passengers connected with high speeds and reliable service from the time they board until they land. Our JUPITER fleet of satellites across the Americas is the highest capacity Ka-band system in the region, and through partnerships with other GEO and LEO operators, we bring the right capacity to every solution.  

Seamless global roaming. As an aircraft flies, Hughes JUPITER™ System solutions enable automatic switching between beams and satellites for seamless roaming across participating airline service provider networks around the world.

Better passenger and crew experiences. With Hughes aero mobility solutions, airlines and commercial aircraft can deliver in-the-air connectivity experiences that meet expectations anywhere they fly.

Contact us to design and deploy the aero mobility solution that’s right for your operation.

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