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Connecting the Unconnected with Essential Broadband Services

Bridging the digital divide to connect millions of people, communities and businesses and around the world.


Nearly half the world’s population is without connectivity – and Hughes is on a mission to help close the vast digital divide for the unserved and underserved. Our innovative satellite technologies and services make it possible to deliver broadband even in hard to connect rural and remote areas – from Algeria to Alaska to the Amazon. Discover how we're bridging the digital divide to connect the unserved and underserved in Africa and the Asia/Pacific region.

For those outside the reach of terrestrial broadband, satellite delivers the ideal solution to provide reliable connectivity. At Hughes, we not only invented satellite internet, we operate the leading satellite internet service in the world, Hughesnet® connecting millions of people across North and South America.

We make the innovative JUPITER™ System technology that powers Hughesnet available to other operators and partners worldwide for their satellite implementations. As a result, ours is the de facto global standard for satellite implementations, connecting millions of users across six continents and representing more than 50% of global Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) market share.

We’re passionate about innovating satellite technology to help connect the unconnected. Listen to this six-part podcast series featuring leaders from Hughes – and join us in bringing needed internet to people and communities in places where fiber and cable don’t reach.

Cellular Backhaul: For Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) trying to serve remote sites, cellular backhaul offers an economically viable and effective means for interconnecting cellular base stations, regardless of distance, infrastructure, or terrain.

Community Wi-Fi: Operators and governments can bring affordable satellite-enabled Community Wi-Fi to schools, libraries, community centers and shops, offering shared connectivity hotspots to underserved locations.

Internet Access: Supporting satellite internet services across the Americas, and through operators worldwide with the Hughes JUPITER System.

Schools Connectivity: Access to the internet is critical for students, teachers and educators alike. Our connectivity solutions enhance learning options on campus and enable distance learning regardless of location.

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