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The Right Networking Partner for Your Small Business

Powerful and affordable solutions, services and technologies scaled for the small business.


Customers don’t change their expectations when doing business with a smaller enterprise because of its size. In some cases, they have even higher expectations for personalized, high touch service. They also expect the same types of convenient, digital experiences they enjoy with larger businesses—such as lightning-fast transactions or access to on-site Wi-Fi.

If you’re a small business navigating these challenges, you must consider your core networking capabilities and infrastructure. That includes point-of-sale systems, cloud-based applications (like accounting software or services), Wi-Fi, IP and security monitoring—all of which can strain the network, even if you only have a few sites. Hughes delivers powerful yet cost-effective solutions and services tailored to the small enterprise, so you can optimize network performance, meet your business goals and exceed your customer’s expectations.

Consistent performance. Hughes optimization technologies and backup service enable you to achieve consistent, enterprise-grade service over existing broadband connections.

Increased security and PCI Compliance. Our industry-leading solutions enable even smaller operations to achieve the highest level of security and protection, as well as to comply with complex payment card industry standards.

Managed services for a high performing network that solves real challenges for the small business, like spotty bandwidth and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks. Ideal for those without an IT team or who need supplemental resources.

Managed SD-WAN solutions to transform ordinary broadband connections and enable businesses with multiple sites and differing infrastructures to gain secure, enterprise-grade networking across all locations.

High-speed satellite internet service for small businesses located outside the reach of fiber or cable.

Digital signage for real-time customer-facing communications, like menu boards, and in-store or at-the-pump product and sales promotions.

Video-on-Demand solutions for employee skills, product and compliance training.

Backup connectivity for resiliency and continuous service and to prevent lost productivity and sales in the event of outages.

Managed security and backup service through Secure Connectivity Services to protect against cyber threats using the award-winning Fortinet security platform. 

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