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Secure Military SATCOM Networks for Mission Success

Deliver tactical readiness with resilient, interoperable networks that deliver protected communications, anytime and anywhere around the world.


With the advent of the U.S. Space Force and proliferation of commercial Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations, we have clearly entered a new era in military SATCOM. Gone are the days of buying bandwidth or deploying single-threaded, siloed systems. And while specialized defense networks used to borrow from commercial network implementation practices, we’re seeing more and more cutting-edge innovation originating in the defense sector – witness the first Arctic implementation of managed LEO service for the Air Force Research Lab as just one example.

Partnering with defense contractors, the intelligence community, and directly with the Department of Defense (DoD), the Hughes Defense team engineers secure military SATCOM networks for DoD customers. We devise custom solutions that respond intelligently to emerging conditions, unify multiple networks to find the most effective link and create secure, uninterrupted communications. Our purpose-built solutions, customized equipment and tailored implementation support your missions with future-proofed information assurance that endures, even as the landscape changes.

Employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Across our work for DoD customers, we are leveraging advanced AI and ML capabilities that optimize military SATCOM network management based on aggregated and real-time data. One example is the Hughes Terminal Management Agent (TMA) which enhances interoperability between networks by leveraging standardized interfaces and a multi-modem adaptor to give satellite terminals the ability to roam across networks. Using AI and ML, the TMA software detects signal disruptions and automatically switches to a different satellite to ensure uninterrupted service. Read more about the innovative Hughes TMA.

Supporting Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) & Mobility

Whether connecting a single helicopter, a squad of UAVs or a fleet of aircraft, Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) must be reliable and resilient with low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). Combining innovative technologies with managed SATCOM-as-a-Service, Hughes develops and integrates Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLoS) ISR technologies and solutions such as:

Serving Our Troops

Wherever the mission goes, our warfighters lead the way forward and protect the way back. For them, connectivity serves an essential purpose – not just for mission success, but for their Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR). Hughes Mission Connect and our Managed Broadband solutions ensure our troops have the connectivity they need – wherever in the world they are deployed – to keep in touch with family, take care of personal business at home and relax with a favorite movie or video game.

To meet your specialized defense requirements with faster connectivity, greater reliability and enhanced interoperability across military and commercial SATCOM networks, contact us today.

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