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Protect your network with AI- and ML-powered cloud-based technology


How does Network Detection and Response work?

NDR takes a small sliver of your network traffic (less than 1%), and then uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to extrapolate data and gain 100% visibility into your network.

Hughes NDR is a cloud-based solution that is extremely fast and easy to get up-and-running. It is agentless, meaning there is no need to install software on all your endpoints. It focuses on monitoring and analyzing network traffic and looks for suspicious patterns and behaviors within the entire network.

NDR primarily gathers data from network traffic and devices such as switches, routers and intrusion detection systems.

Benefits of NDR

NDR is especially effective at detecting threats and anomalies that try to traverse the network, including lateral movement within the network, such as communicating malicious domains. When threats are found, NDR can detect and respond to these threats by quarantining them and alerting security teams to take immediate action.

Because only a small portion of your network traffic is being scanned, the overall resource drain from your organization is negligible, and requires much less of a commitment than most other security controls.

NDR can be combined with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) or Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for an even higher level of protection, or it can be used serviceably on its own. Hughes NDR is completely agnostic to your network architecture, meaning that a single-site business or a large enterprise with thousands of locations can both utilize NDR to the fullest with a fast and convenient installation.

Protecting IoT Devices

If your organization has a large amount of IoT devices, these can also be covered by NDR. Devices that don’t have a screen or cannot run windows are traditionally a weak point in company’s security architecture, due to the fact you can’t install software on them or use a traditional EDR solution. With NDR, IoT devices are covered and monitored as soon as they are connected to your network.

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Key Features of Hughes Network Detection and Response

Real-Time Monitoring

NDR continuously checks the traffic on your network for anything unusual.

Anomaly Detection

NDR uses smart technology to learn what normal network behavior looks like. If something deviates from the norm, it raises a flag.

Threat Detection

NDR doesn’t just look for known threats, it has the capability to detect new ones as well. This is due to its ability to extrapolate data from the sliver of network traffic that it scans regularly. 

Incident Response

If NDR sees a possible threat, it can automatically take action by quarantining the problematic area and notifying security personnel.

Visibility and Monitoring

Dashboards provide your team with a clear view of what is happening across the network. Hughes NDR provides dashboards that your organization’s team can follow along with to monitor your business.


NDR works well with other security tools to provide extra protection. Your organization can decide if NDR should complement or replace existing technologies. Hughes can help make sure that there are no gaps in your security regardless of which route you take.

If you are interested in talking through your security options with an expert or want to learn more about Hughes NDR, contact us to speak with one of our representatives.

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