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Managed Broadband

Managed Broadband delivers the high-performance cloud-forward network you want, with higher bandwidth and lower cost. 


Fast, secure broadband connectivity keeps your business in touch with your most critical resources: your customers and employees. Delivered as a managed service under the HughesON™ suite of solutions, our managed broadband offers all the advantages of an enterprise-grade service with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), guaranteed Quality of Service (QOS), and Committed Information Rates (CIR). We now also offer both 5G Enterprise Solutions and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite broadband where available.

With over 450 global partners, Hughes Managed Broadband delivers the perfect high-performance enterprise-grade network connection anywhere you do business -- especially at those hard-to-reach remote locations.

From Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to fiber, cable to LTE, GEO to LEO satellite, and now 5G, Hughes has all your connectivity needs covered and optimized on a site-by-site basis to best meet your organizational needs. This site-by-site optimization is just one reason Gartner recognized Hughes as a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) for multi-vendor WAN delivery.

Video: Hughes 450+ Global Broadband Partners by Access Type

Key Features:


  • Largest non-carrier provider of enterprise network connectivity in North America

  • OneWeb distribution partner

  • Redundancy, resiliency, and security built into the network, with 24x7 monitoring and management

  • Supports IPv6 addressing and complex routing options

  • Carrier-agnostic AI-powered site prequalification to right-fit your coverage

  • Temporary connectivity solutions for new site launches, seasonal kiosks, or site refresh/buildout needs

  • NEW: First MSP to offer enterprise 5G solutions in the U.S.

  • NEW: Site and cross vendor pooling for all wireless plans



  • Improved customer and user experience: Get improved application and cloud-services performance with higher bandwidth and direct internet access

  • Run today’s bandwidth-intensive technologies like streaming video, VoIP, and interactive user apps

  • Cost savings of up for 65% over comparable MPLS connectivity

  • Future-proof your enterprise with an agile and high-capacity network that is built to adopt and run emerging cloud and security services

  • Optimized connectivity at each site - regardless of the service provider

  • Reduced overages and costs for LTE and 5G services

The 5G Promise - Hughes Leads the Way

With Hughes as a trusted partner in the U.S., you can position your enterprise to get the best out of 5G now and experience a smooth adoption of new 5G capabilities going forward – allowing expanded services on your network and end-devices.

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