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Provide Better Healthcare with Better Connections

Employ digital and virtual patient and provider technologies to deliver the best possible healthcare.


Digital healthcare is transforming clinical operations and elevating care quality for patients thanks to the confluence of public policy, technology innovation and a patient-centric reorientation – not to mention the global pandemic that normalized telehealth and spurred a worldwide vaccination effort. Facility operations, care coordination and both active and passive patient monitoring require robust and reliable networks to deliver the optimal combination of on-site and remote services with the security necessary to protect the most sensitive data.

At urgent care clinics, pharmacy chains, vaccine sites, hospital systems, assisted living facilities and large provider networks, Hughes delivers technologies and solutions to support innovative and responsive healthcare services across the care continuum. Here are just a few examples:

Managed network services improve care with consistent network performance and scalable capacity.

Managed SD-WAN ensures you have the bandwidth you need at every location for medical devices, real-time patient monitoring, virtual visits and administrative services like payment systems, payroll, insurance reporting and documentation.

Managed broadband solutions with terrestrial connectivity,  Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite can connect a single site or an entire network with primary, secondary or tertiary backup to prevent healthcare service interruption – even during power outages.

Managed Wi-Fi to create robust mobile experiences for patients, visitors and staff, with safe browsing that won’t compromise network security.

Community Wi-Fi powered by satellite for on-site internet access at rural hospitals and medical offices outside the reach of cable and fiber connections.

Digital signage for targeted communications to staff, patients and visitors in hospital systems, pharmacies and doctors’ waiting rooms.

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