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Upgrade with Hughes Network Solutions for Citizen-Centered, Software-Defined Networks

Federal government agencies need to modernize networks to meet constituent expectations for digital services.


More and more, citizens expect a well-connected and digitized government to support their needs. The pressure is on federal government agencies to modernize networks to meet those expectations at every location – from Washington, D.C. to local field offices.

Looking to transform your state or government agency network? Go here for state government solutions or here for government agency solutions.

Working together with government procurement officers, an Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) prime contractor or directly as the systems integrator, Hughes can revitalize and future proof both civilian and military agency networks using proven commercial innovation.

The EIS contract vehicle presents an opportunity to trade legacy technologies for more capable solutions and pave the way for cloud-focused operations and 5G networks. Instead of expanding outdated Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks to meet growing bandwidth demand, you can upgrade your agency to a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and experience:

  • Cost savings with broadband compared to legacy transport
  • Bandwidth scalability to support growing demand
  • Best-available WAN transport at each location
  • Cloud networking capabilities
  • Auto-configurations and self-healing intelligence for better network performance
  • A roadmap to 5G

Transform your network. MPLS networks are expensive and not at all agile. They are not designed to handle the WAN traffic associated with today’s agency. The MPLS hub-and-spoke design that pushes all the data through the data center fails to provide resilient cloud connectivity the way IP-based broadband can. While private networks that utilize MPLS have served the government for the last 25 years, this technology has run its course. A traditional T1 line with 1.5 Mbps service cannot support today’s applications and growing number of users and devices. What’s more, the cost-to-benefit ratio is out of alignment, especially in rural areas. Using broadband has shown cost savings of 60-70%, and even 3, 5, and 10 Mbps Ethernet cost more than other IP-based broadband options.

Understand how to make the leap from MPLS to SD-WAN.

SD-WAN for agencies with field offices. Our Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions transform ordinary broadband connections. SD-WAN is ideal for federal government agencies with multiple sites with differing infrastructures, along with the need for secure, enterprise-grade, high-performance networking across all locations. Read the whitepaper to learn how to transform your network with SD-WAN.

Managed services for common network challenges. Managed Network Services solve real network challenges and enable federal government agencies to adopt the latest technologies, optimize application performance, fend off increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and deliver ubiquitous and resilient network connectivity throughout a building or campus. Hughes serves as a single source provider, offering a single bill and specific service level agreements.

Solutions for real-time communications. The Hughes Digital Signage solution uses SmartTVs and a cloud-based content management system to make scheduling, targeting and displaying dynamic real-time communications quick and easy.

Satellite solutions for disaster and emergency response. Our custom satellite internet solutions offer easy to procure and deploy options to enable relief and response organizations to stay connected for rescue and recovery, supply management, medical triage and more. Solutions are interoperable to accommodate diverse comms technologies and systems.

Global satellite broadband for workers abroad. With the largest high-throughput Ka-band satellite network across the Americas and satellite, wireline and wireless partners around the globe, Hughes Mission Connect provides internet to government workers at home and abroad to support missions, morale, welfare and recreation.

Hughes offers our solutions and services through federal contract vehicles, both as a prime contractor and as a subcontractor to our industry partners. Click the links below for details.

Customers can access Hughes solutions through a variety of Hughes and industry partner contract vehicles.
As a non-exclusive vendor on the GSA EIS Contract, Hughes supports the mission to transform government networks while delivering savings to the government and taxpayers.
Hughes provides worldwide commercial satellite communications (COMSATCOM) complex solutions, comprising of customized engineering solutions to meet unique COMSATCOM needs.
The GSA Schedule is a reliable and proven one-stop online resource for thousands of government employees worldwide.

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