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Powering a Connected Future

Connecting People, Enterprises and Things Everywhere...


The connected future is here. It’s in upstate New Hampshire, where a freelance writer works online at home far from the city. It’s in Brazil, where a shop owner sells affordable Wi-Fi and internet access to rural villagers. It’s in the Southwest U.S., where a fast-casual restaurant chain can analyze data to improve the online experience for their customers. It’s in a military base in the Middle East, where service members connect with family and friends half a world away.

It’s in Africa, where a mobile network operator extends cell service to customers in hard-to-reach places. It’s in India, where healthcare providers in towns and villages take online classes taught by experts from major urban clinics. It’s in the air, where travelers work or watch the latest movies and news, no matter where they are flying.

Making these connections is what Hughes is all about. We are industry leaders in both networking technologies and services, innovating constantly to deliver the global solutions that power a connected future for people, enterprises and things everywhere.

Delivering Essential Broadband Services and Solutions


Largest High-Throughput Satellite Network over the Americas


Powered by JUPITER™ System technology — the next-generation satellite broadband platform from Hughes — the company’s fleet of High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) supports a wide range of consumer, small business, enterprise, in-flight and mobile services across two continents. JUPITER 2 / EchoStar XIX is one of the world’s highest capacity satellites and, together with JUPITER 1 / EchoStar XVII and the Hughes 65 West and 63 West payloads, provides coast-to-coast coverage of the continental U.S., Mexico, most of Canada and major parts of Central and South America.

Hughesnet® is satellite internet reinvented, delivering faster speeds, unlimited data and more applications to consumers and small businesses across the Americas — even in places that are beyond the reach of cable and fiber.

For large enterprises and governments, the company’s HughesON™ managed network services provide complete connectivity solutions, employing an optimized mix of satellite and terrestrial technologies.

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  • The #1 global VSAT provider, with millions of terminals shipped to customers in more than 100 countries — approximately 50% market share
  • The JUPITER System, the world’s most widely deployed HTS platform, powers broadband services from leading providers on over 40 satellites, including airborne/maritime/land mobility solutions
  • Community Wi-Fi and shared VSAT solutions bring affordable Internet access to over 30 million people who are beyond the reach of terrestrial service
  • Satellite backhaul of 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G and IoT networks expands mobile operator markets in exurban, rural and mountainous areas
  • Emergency response, government, civilian and defense agencies depend on Hughes for high-availability and resilient networking solutions in all environments
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  • The launch of the Hughes JUPITER 3 satellite represents the next leap in our offerings in the U.S. and Latin America, ushering in a new era of connectivity and bringing Hughesnet customers what they have been asking for: more data and higher speeds.
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  • Leading managed services provider for enterprise and government
  • Delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions, including SD-WAN, employing an optimal mix of wireline, wireless and satellite technologies
  • Approximately half a million sites connected globally for distributed organizations of all sizes
  • Providing digital signage for customer, constituent, guest, and employee experience solutions

Your Trusted, Global Partner for Technology Solutions & Services

Hughes supplies a growing ecosystem of service providers, government organizations and businesses with advanced broadband systems and terminals, mobile satellite systems, handhelds and IP data terminals, enabling the delivery of privately operated and branded services and solutions. Customers include leading fixed and mobile telecom operators and service providers worldwide that use Hughes products to offer “broadband everywhere” access for voice, email, file transfers and remote applications such as telemedicine, exploration, marine and aeronautical broadband, newsgathering, fleet operations and emergency management.


Satellite Platform of Choice

  • The JUPITER System platform is the de facto global broadband standard, delivering high performance for both HTS and conventional satellites, with 300 Mbps UDP/200 Mbps TCP and capable of 16,000 simultaneous TCP sessions


  • The largest commercial communications satellite ever launched, JUPITER 3 (designated EchoStar XXIV) Ultra-High Density satellite, will offer higher speeds and expands the Hughes fleet coverage to 80% of the Americas

Constantly Innovating

  • Hughes is leading the industry with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) software technologies for interoperability across spectrum bands and satellite constellations and contributing to global networking standards development, including 5G

Robust Solutions for Disaster Preparedness and Response

  • 911 and critical network backup plus emergency connectivity for first responders, government workers and citizens in need

Expanding Cellular and Wi-Fi Services to People Everywhere

High-Performance Aero and Mobile Connectivity

  • Leading provider of aero broadband solutions for airlines around the world, including Air Canada, Air France, flydubai, Iceland Air, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Southwest Airlines and Spirit Air

Military Connectivity Solutions That Support the Mission

The Hybrid Network of the Future

  • Marrying new generations of satellite with both terrestrial fixed and wireless technologies such as 5G
  • Building partnerships across the expanding spectrum of technologies — terrestrial and GEO and NGSO satellite — to power the connected future