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Create Convenient Banking Experiences for Customers Everywhere

Establish the on-site, virtual and remote services that financial customers expect with a secure and high-performing network.


As the digital transformation unfolds across industries and around the world, banks, lenders and other financial institutions face new customer expectations. The rise of competitive financial technology (FinTech) companies, the focus on digital native consumers, and the impact of sustained low interest rates have created a perfect storm that is transforming the sector. As a result, in urban centers and rural communities, customers expect online financial services everywhere – in the branch, on their devices and anywhere they live, work and travel.

To help you respond to evolving financial needs and bring services to customers wherever they are, Hughes offers a variety of secure network management and digital services that provide:

Reliable connectivity – from 5G at branches in urban areas to satellite for ATMs in remote regions, all delivered as a managed service and with secondary and tertiary backup as needed.

Managed SD-WAN solutions to transform ordinary broadband connections and enable institutions with multiple locations and differing infrastructures to gain secure, enterprise-grade networking across all banking sites.

Increased security to help guard against breaches that can lead to losses and affect customer trust. Integrated, powerful Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) with Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities deliver the strongest security possible.

Fast, secure Wi-Fi to enable robust, on-site digital experiences for both customers and bank employees – such as with Universal Banker tablets – all with safe browsing that won’t compromise network security.

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