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Connect Your Network with High Performing Satellite Capacity

Realize your network performance requirements with geostationary and non-geostationary satellite services from Hughes.


In the last year alone, we saw 16 times the number of satellite launches compared to the year 2000. And the trend continues with new satellites and even new launchers racing to orbit. In the rush to deploy more services with these remarkable assets operating miles above Earth, experience matters.

That’s why operators count on Hughes for their satellite ground systems. And that’s why you should consider Hughes for your managed satellite services using capacity from partners worldwide plus:

  • Hughes JUPITER™ Satellite Fleet – The largest Geostationary Ka-band High-throughput Satellite (HTS) service across the Americas
  • OneWeb – Constellation of Low Earth Orbit Satellites that’s first to market in the Arctic and expanding worldwide
  • EchoStar Lyra -- The 28-satellite S-band, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation for global IoT connectivity

Contact us today to turn satellite capacity into satellite connectivity that meets your – and your customers’ – needs anywhere in the world.