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How ML/AI Can Make Your Network Smarter

Using AIOps the Hughes Managed Network delivers high-performance, complete security, and total reliability tailored to meet your requirements.

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Boost your network's “immune system” and its ability to self-heal, so it becomes more resilient, efficient, and powerful.

The explosion of available data – from the cloud, billions of devices, and the Internet – can now be digested by machine learning (ML) models and applied proactively by artificial intelligence (AI) to network management tasks. This optimizes cloud-based services, diverse hybrid environments, mobility services, and SD-WAN technologies. When AI streamlines network management, improves efficiencies, and enhances the user experience, it makes for a smarter network – and better business. 

At Hughes, we are pioneering the application of ML to identify potential failures at the edge and using AI to proactively mitigate them. This powerful WAN Edge service capability – a form of AI application referred to as AI for IT operations, or AIOps – is benefitting Hughes customers across 33,000 managed sites in North America.

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Your Path to A Smarter, More Resilient Network


Proactively identify—and heal—network issues before they happen, for a true edge-to-edge self-healing network.

“The Hughes AI-Ops feature is significant to the managed SD-WAN market as it improves service quality and reduces customer downtime. Further, its partnerships with VMWare and Fortinet solidify Hughes’ competitive position, respectively appealing to businesses looking for optimized and secure cloud connectivity and to enterprises seeking security and single platform solutions.”


Roopa Honnachari       

The Self-Healing Powers of ML and AI

The idea of a self-healing network in a distributed enterprise – where problems are resolved without the need for human intervention – has been around for a long time. It typically involves a self-healing network core, cloud, or datacenter that identifies choke points automatically and routes traffic around them proactively. Such efforts improve core resiliency but do little to benefit the branch, store, home, or mobile location where end users access services. These branches and locations often have edge devices that operate independently of whether the network core is resilient. Each edge device is a single-point-of-failure risk…until now.  


Hughes is the first managed services provider to deliver a self-healing WAN edge capability to enterprise customers. This innovation targets the WAN edge systems—all of the routers, SD-WAN devices, and firewalls—because a failure in those systems can be catastrophic for a site and cost hours of network downtime and lost business.