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Empower Your Local Government to do More for Your Communities

State and local government offices need powerful networks to support the services and resources that employees and constituents expect.


If yours is like most, your government website has replaced town hall as the center of citizen services. And that’s only the public-facing portal. Connectivity supports every aspect of local government operations today – from university systems to police stations to motor vehicle administrations.

Looking to transform your federal government network? Go here for federal government solutions or here for government agency solutions.

Whether you’re looking to work with a network services provider under a state-wide contract or wanting to connect remote offices outside the reach of fiber and cable, Hughes solutions enable governments of all sizes to do more for their constituents and employees with more bandwidth, more cost savings, and more ways to connect. The result? A more responsive government, at every local site.

Real-time communications engage and inform. Throughout a distributed network or inside local facilities and branches, the Hughes Digital Signage solution displays dynamic, up-to-the-minute information that keeps employees, students and citizens informed. Customizable on a site-by-site basis and updatable in an instant for emergency alerts, the enterprise-grade signage solution employs SmartTVs and a cloud-based content management system to make scheduling, targeting and displaying dynamic content quick and easy.

Managed SD-WAN for departments with multiple sites. For distributed government offices, we offer a portfolio of HughesON™ Managed Services, including Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions that transform ordinary broadband connections. Ideal for multiple sites with differing infrastructures, such as parks departments, library and university systems or motor vehicle administrations, Managed SD-WAN simplifies distributed networking with 24/7 WAN management, network security, zero-touch configuration and dynamic load sharing across connections for optimal traffic flow.

Managed services solve digital challenges. Managed Network Services solve real challenges and enable local governments to adopt the latest technologies, optimize application performance, fend off increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and deliver ubiquitous connectivity wherever you operate.

Managed broadband connectivity. Our reliable, cost-effective connectivity solutions meet the needs of all types of government systems—whether you serve citizens in a field office, coordinate emergency response efforts across a region, or care for natural resources in remote areas. We offer managed broadband services across the full range of transport types, bringing best-available connections everywhere – including GEO and LEO satellite, fiber, cable, cellular wireless, fixed wireless, ethernet and more. Our turnkey managed broadband service includes program management, system design, site survey, installation, network operations, service management, broadband connection, field maintenance, and a 24/7/365 help desk.

At single sites outside the reach of cable and fiber – such as fire stations, courthouses and municipal offices – Hughesnet® for Government delivers reliable, high-speed connectivity.


Hughes participates on a growing number of state contract vehicles to make procurement as easy as possible. Click any of the states below to get details on services offered directly to your government offices.


Don’t see your state listed? Contact us!

Hughes can provide the State of Arkansas Hughes Access Continuity and Broadband Internet services via satellite.
Hughes is a “one-stop-shop” network solution provider with experience in providing all the necessary components to provide managed broadband services for Georgia’s nonGETS Enterprise customers.
Hughes can provide the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with broadband access services through the Telecom Services Contract ITT72 in Category 5 – Small Office.
Hughes can provide a suite of managed services and connectivity solutions under the Comprehensive Telecommunications Services contract.
The Hughes proposed network design for Oklahoma state and local agencies leverages our NOC-centric architecture and seamless integration of multiple network access technologies to provide agencies with a broad range of secure transport options for both primary and backup services.
Hughes can provide Hughes Business Internet and Access Continuity services, as well as IP Virtual Private Network connectivity for video-conferencing, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), data and application sharing, and content distribution via satellite.
The Hughes proposed network design for COPA leverages our NOC-centric architecture and our seamless integration of multiple network access technologies to provide COPA with a broad range of secure transport options for both primary and backup services.
The Hughes proposed network design for Texas state and local agencies leverages our NOC-centric architecture and seamless integration of multiple network access technologies to provide agencies with a broad range of secure transport options for both primary and backup service.
Hughes can provide satellite broadband technology to public sector entities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia as a result of the contract with Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA).
Hughes can provide managed broadband services through the statewide broadband contract.

NASPO ValuePoint

Hughes is the first and only satellite broadband provider to be added to the NASPO ValuePoint contract, and subsequently, the first provider to offer FCC-defined broadband tier speeds of at least 25 Mbps from coast to coast.

E-Rate Program

An authorized provider of high-speed broadband access to schools, libraries, and rural health care providers.

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