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Digital Promo Boards

When considering digital media, we need to determine how we can best influence our target audience into purchasing products and services.


By using media-based communication tools, forward-looking organizations can engage customers with targeted, high-impact messaging at the point of decision. Supported by digital media, this type of engagement helps build loyalty with a more focused, integrated in-store customer experience.

The Hughes Digital Promo Board delivers a cohesive in-store digital experience utilizing dynamic video, text, and graphics that engage and inform customers. It helps achieve brand consistency by creating a centralized media network for managing up-to-the-minute content to any number of locations, all while delivering the message to corporate standards.

Focus on the Shopper

Consumers participate in shopping rituals because they are seeking ideas, solutions, and value. As they move around your store, you have the perfect opportunity to message, inspire, and motivate. Video and animation provide an effective method for capturing their attention with targeted messaging.

Digital signage enables you to easily target this messaging based on time of day, customer demographics, or dynamically by what is being purchased. It allows you to easily get the right message to the right audience at the right time.

The Hughes Digital Promo Board helps minimize upfront costs with a turn-key operational service program that reduces budgeting concerns and complications. It allows you to deploy digital media where and when it is most beneficial. You can grow worry-free, at your own pace, and within your budget.

No matter the intended audience, your primary communications goal is to deliver your message in a way that impacts and influences viewers. The Hughes Digital Promo Board makes delivering that message easy, leaving you free to focus on running and growing your business.

The Hughes Digital Promo Board lets you:

  • Engage your customers with dynamic lifestyle video and graphics

  • Easily change the message by time of day, customer demographics and purchase patterns

  • Develop in-store cross-sell opportunities by making customers aware of complementary products or services

  • Reap the benefits of loyalty, increased revenue opportunities and increased profitability

Digital Promo Board solution includes:

  • Hughes Media Player

  • Content hosting and distribution

  • High-definition display

  • Professional Installation

  • Field maintenance options

  • Support options

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