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Satellite Network Deployment Support 


In a typical network deployment, the customer assumes responsibility for routine (“Tier 1”) support activities such as remote installations, attending to end-user calls and basic maintenance. 

Customers have the option of outsourcing more involved network maintenance to Hughes. These “Tier 2” tasks include:

  • Day-to-day adjustments to the network configuration to achieve optimal performance.
  • Network status monitoring from the Hughes operations center. 
  • Network status and traffic reports on an ongoing basis.
  • Software upgrades as needed.
  • Quarterly network audits to identify ways to improve performance and lower costs.

At the highest level of support, Hughes Customer Assistance Center (CAC) offers “Tier 3” help desk service, including:

  • Respond to network performance issues as they arise, with automatic escalation for critical problems.
  • Meet with the customer bi-weekly to review network issues.
  • Troubleshoot and fix any system-level issues that are reported.
  • Coordinate with the development team to update software.
  • Audit the network annually to identify software and/or hardware upgrades.
  • Monitor network traffic growth and proactively suggest ways to manage that growth. 
  • Provide documentation of all changes to the network configuration and operation.  

These and other service options are described in our Support Brochure (click to download).



Technical Training Services


The mission of the HUGHES® Technical Training Services Group is to provide professional, advanced technical training that enables customers to maximize the benefits of their state-of-the-art telecommunications systems.

Hughes Technical Training Services offers a comprehensive training program which includes a variety of courses on our products, ranging from brief seminars and executive overviews to intensive, hands-on training in system operation, installation, and maintenance.

Trainers are expert in both technology and training.

The Hughes Technical Training Services Group calls on the expertise and service of training engineers. All are experts in their respective disciplines, with detailed knowledge of product hardware, software, operations, installation, and maintenance as well as in-depth understanding of system architecture and design.

Expansive facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Hughes Technical Training Services facility includes a up-to-date training room. It is adjacent to a glassed-in laboratory and configured with complete product system mockups that are fully under the instructor's control. This hands-on environment enables students to get a feel for the real-world operation of the system, and allows the instructor to create scenarios that bolster students' problem-solving capabilities and understanding of the intricacies of a complex system.

While training in this controlled environment is preferable, Hughes can accommodate training needs online via Microsoft Team Meeting or at customer sites using either customer equipment or the training lab equipment.

Train in a convenient, hospitable location.

Several major hotels and suite apartment complexes are within easy access of the Hughes Technical Training Services facility, many offering Hughes students special discount rates.Dining in the area is convenient, with a variety of restaurants from which to choose. In addition, Hughes is located within easy traveling distance to the museums and monuments of the U.S. Capital, Washington, DC, as well as to the popular waterfront and other attractions of Baltimore, Maryland.

technical training

Advanced Hughes-Specific Training

Hughes has partnered with GVF to now offer an online, self-paced, 3-D animated, highly interactive training simulation on the Hughes HN Remote Terminal. Learn key aspects of how to install, operate, and troubleshoot a Hughes HN Remote Terminal using this new certification course being offered by GVF. Topics covered include spacelink access methods, remote hardware overview, approved IFL and connectors, HN Remote Terminal web interface, commissioning process, antenna pointing, and HN Remote troubleshooting steps and tools. Taken in conjunction with prerequisite online fundamentals courses and the GVF hands on skills test, students will receive the Hughes endorsed GVF Hughes Remote Terminal Installation Specialist Certification.

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