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The ideal secure network solution for your Branded and Unbranded stores

Create a streamlined and efficient buying experience for your customers with a high-performing network and innovative technologies.


The retail petroleum and C-store industry faces enormous market pressures. Along with adjusting to a "new normal" and its impact on business, stores must grapple with growing cybersecurity threats, new privacy regulations governing customer and employee data, and the lingering outdoor EMV liability shift in the U.S. In fact, thousands of unbranded locations have still not met EMV upgrade requirements, which puts operations at greater risk for cyber theft, stiff penalties and lost revenue.

Successfully navigating these changing mandates and customer expectations for in-and-out convenience all comes down to your connection and network. They provide the foundation for a digitally advanced retail petroleum operations, which includes:

  • Point-of-sale (POS) systems
  • Back-office applications such as real-time inventory
  • Digital menu boards
  • IP security monitoring
  • Plus conveniences like interactive kiosks, loyalty apps and automated teller machines (ATMs)

To support these applications today — with the scalability necessary for tomorrow — Hughes tailors off-the-shelf solutions to optimize and secure a network, protect against cyber threats and drive technology transformation capable of converting gas customers into retail patrons.

Learn more about how to create a Digitally Enhanced C-store.

With HughesON™ Managed Network Services, you can:

Improve customer experience (and sales!). Whether your customers want to pay with Venmo at the register or order food at the pump, our solutions, like Managed Wi-Fi , can expand the types of buying experiences you can offer, streamline processes and enable you to create a more efficient and frictionless customer experience. With Hughes Managed Digital Signage, you can push out targeted communications by audience, time of day and screen location. For examples, promote product specials to shoppers or deliver employee training on food prep protocols. Read our white paper to discover the power of digital signage for c-store owners.

Maintain compliance. Be it Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements, tank gauge reporting, age verification laws, or EMV liability, Hughes offers the guidance, technologies and solutions for easier compliance. For example, our PCI Compliance Suite helps protect your customers, business and reputation and maintain data security.

Increase competitiveness. With a robust managed network and enhanced capabilities, you can reimagine your future as a digitally advanced C-store, as well as improve forecasting, mitigate challenges, better understand buying behaviors and become more competitive in your markets. Plus, you’ll be able to make forward-looking decisions, like readying operations for electric vehicle charging.

Transform your network. Hughes Managed SD-WAN solutions transform ordinary broadband connections and enable C-stores with multiple locations and differing infrastructures to gain secure, enterprise-grade networking at every site. Check out this infographic to see how SD-WAN can help solve your biggest technology challenges.

Secure unbranded locations. Hughes Secure Connectivity Services is ideal for c-store and retail petroleum network and security requirements, including EMV with a managed switch option.

Retail petroleum companies across the Americas, Europe and India rely on Hughes for their branded and unbranded locations. Let us show you how our suite of HughesON managed network services can put you on the path to becoming the type of digitally advanced C-store and delivering the type of experience busy shoppers want. 


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Important information for maintaining compliance at your retail fuel station.

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