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How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Managed Service Provider’s Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence

While 2022 brought Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the mainstream, the technology has been around quite a while––Harvard traces talk of the concept as far back as the 1950s! Hughes first began applying AI, along with Machine Learning (ML), in our own business more than 30 years ago to address the operational efficiency of our network and maximize resilience, and we’ve doubled down over the last five years to focus on data-driven architecture. We advanced from simply monitoring IT systems to identifying problems and even solving them––which led to the development of our AI for IT operations (AIOps) solution and the ability to analyze and predict network behavior. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we deploy AIOps to benefit our customers’ networks and are always looking for new applications to simplify, optimize and speed our service delivery to our customers.

Hughes is in a unique position when it comes to AI, because our data mining efforts leverage hundreds of thousands of components and millions of network endpoints every single day. All that data feeds our growing AI capabilities.

Here are some examples of how we apply AI at Hughes today:

  • Predictive Maintenance: Utilizing AI, Hughes monitors the health of our customers' networks and IT infrastructure, identifying potential issues before they become major problems and taking proactive steps to prevent downtime or data loss. Our AI predicts and “self-heals” network anomalies that can cause service disruption, with most cases being corrected automatically.
  • Automation: Hughes uses AI to automate repetitive tasks, such as software patching and updates, backup and recovery. Our AI automatically opens service tickets when necessary, alerting and providing triage recommendations to Hughes customer service agents and engineers.
  • Service Optimization: Prior to using AI, Hughes engineers pored over spreadsheet data for hours looking for packet loss issues and defining patterns to keep customer networks operating efficiently. Leveraging ML and AI together, Hughes engineers solved both the data collection and analysis problem when faced with large quantities of data to ingest, allowing us to optimize service delivery. We now deploy AI across our increasingly complex customer networks and diverse hybrid environments to optimize cloud-based services, mobility services, and Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) technologies, among others.
  • Security: Our AI improves our customers’ security posture by identifying and responding to threats in real-time. For example, we use AI to help analyze network traffic to detect suspicious behavior and alert team members to potential security breaches.

By actively incorporating AI into our network services, customer service, and engineering, Hughes streamlines network management, maximizes network resilience, improves efficiencies and enhances our customers’ experience.

Learn more about the many ways Hughes Managed Network Services can deliver high-performance, complete security, and total reliability tailored to meet your requirements, all using artificial intelligence capabilities.