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Accelerate Education Initiatives with Internet for School

Engage more students and empower teachers with the power of reliable internet for school -- even in rural areas.


Perhaps more than any other industry, the education sector has undergone a remarkable technology transformation in recent years. Today, virtual classes and online learning are standard practice for schools from elementary to post-graduate and every classroom in between. Real-time communications and high-speed connectivity have become essential for education, facilitating access to information and opportunities far beyond school walls.

For educators looking to augment curriculum with online resources and/or reach more students with distance learning, Hughes offers a variety of technologies and services that:

Expand access. Our cost-effective and best-fit school connectivity solutions make it possible to access learning materials and interactive instruction from any location, even those in hard-to-reach remote areas, such as these schools in Peru.

Enhance learning. Hughes solutions make it easy to support training and communications through on-demand video, digital experiences and real-time interaction.

Support communities. Satellite-enabled internet can be used for school during the daytime and opened to the community for Wi-Fi access after-hours to support mobile learning and educational applications, with safe browsing to protect students and the network.

Connect campuses. Managed broadband for single sites and Managed SD-WAN across multiple campuses enable best available connectivity at each location. Digital signage on campus unites the school community and boosts student and staff engagement.

Helping to bring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning to young people, Hughes proudly supports STEM education programs that help cultivate the next generation of leaders.

Contact us for more information about how to implement Hughes solutions to improve your education and training programs.

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