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Enhance the Restaurant and Hotel Guest Experience

Implement the convenient and responsive services guests demand with powerful, high performing networks and digital signage technologies from Hughes


The COVID pandemic drastically altered the landscape for restaurants and hotels everywhere. Amid a very human crisis, technology took on an essential new role, supporting everything from contactless check in to online menus to guest and employee symptom apps and contact tracing. Those that were able to innovate and implement new technologies to sustain their businesses have charted a new roadmap for guest and employee relations in the post-pandemic era. The bottom line? Across the hospitality industry, powerful technology underlies the top-notch service and experiences that guests have come to expect.

For IT teams supporting hospitality operations, the HughesON™ portfolio of managed network services powers both operational and customer-facing applications, helping enhance the guest experience, drive customer satisfaction and engage employees. In partnership with your team, we build tailored solutions that optimize network performance, so you can satisfy both guest expectations and business operational goals.

Faster, more secure Guest Wi-Fi. Savvy guests expect fast, free, secure Wi-Fi everywhere, from curbside to dining rooms to property grounds to their hotel rooms. With Hughes, you can provide this amenity without hobbling your network and create robust, on-site digital experiences for both customers and employees, with safe browsing that won’t compromise network security.

Real-time customer communications. The ultimate customer experience can be enhanced with digital signage that welcomes reservations by name, offers up-to-the-moment health protocols and invites loyalty and promotional participation. Digital Menu Boards offer a competitive edge and enable drag and drop management of content.

Knowledgeable, well-trained staff. Better trained employees are vital to guest satisfaction and loyalty. Hughes solutions can help you train staff and equip them with the skills to improve your guest experience. Video-on-Demand boosts employee skills development and facilitates compliance training, including training specific to front-line housekeeping staff.

Optimized network performance. Managed SD-WAN solutions transform ordinary broadband connections and enable hotels, restaurants, theme parks and tourist destinations with multiple locations – and differing transports throughout – to gain secure, enterprise-grade networking across all locations. Enjoy the convenience of a single bill for your systemwide network services from every type of provider, including fiber, cable and satellite.

Backup connectivity so you’re never offline. Establish secondary or tertiary network service via terrestrial or GEO or LEO satellite transport for resiliency and continuous guest services at every site. For smaller operations, our Secure Connectivity Services (SCS) provide managed security and backup service using the Fortinet security platform.

Contact us to learn how customers rely on HughesON Managed Network Services to support reservation systems, digital concierge, menus and signage, back-office applications, guest Wi-Fi and IP security monitoring.


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