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Satellite Ground Systems

Satellite Ground Network Systems for On-Demand Connectivity

Partner with the industry leader in satellite ground system network technologies to access the highest efficiency and performance possible from your satellite.


The most efficient, highest capacity satellite in orbit might promise gigabits per second of bandwidth – but if end users in offices, homes, airplanes, and ships can’t access the service, all that throughput is useless. A satellite ground network system from Hughes helps transform satellite capacity into the highest performing bandwidth, bringing critical on-demand connectivity to users around the world.

Hughes offers both “off-the-shelf” satellite ground network systems and highly customized system setups for defense implementations and commercial satellite operators, spanning:

  • Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT), which consists of a “dish” (antenna) and a router or user terminal which are required at every site to enable service from the satellite.
  • Hubs or Gateways, which are comprised of gateway antenna and electronics, and where the satellite service interconnects with other services, such as the Cloud and the internet. Transportable gateways power military implementations and on-demand connectivity for emergency response.
  • Integration, installation and operations services and support, including Automated Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS).

Industry Leadership

Since inventing the VSAT and deploying the first enterprise network for Walmart, Hughes has delivered millions of terminals to customers across six continents, accounting for more than 50% of the global market share. We manufacture our own terminals at our state-of-the-art factory in Maryland, outside of Washington, D.C.

Contact us today to turn your satellite capacity into satellite connectivity that meets your – and your customers’ – needs anywhere in the world.

Types of Satellite Ground Network Systems

Depending on your organization's need, we offer several proven satellite ground network systems, including:


The world’s most advanced VSAT platform for broadband services over high-throughput and conventional satellites, the industry-leading JUPITER™ System is the de facto standard for broadband satellite implementations worldwide. Operating on dozens of conventional and High-Throughput Satellites, the JUPITER System powers the largest satellite broadband network in the world, Hughesnet®.

Military (HM) System:

Efficient and agile SATCOM for mobile and portable applications, the customizable HM System is engineered with a proprietary waveform for government solutions such as Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, disaster response, and mobility applications aboard helicopters and remotely piloted aircraft.

HX System:

Supporting a wide range of applications, our legacy HX (and HM) System facilitates consumer and enterprise implementations around the world.

EchoStar Mobile Satellite Terminals and Hughes BGAN Terminals:

Lightweight portable, fixed, and vehicular mobile satellite terminals, ranging from commercial to military grade.

ManPack & Flyaway Terminals:

Lightweight and transportable terminals connect service members anywhere the mission takes them.

Customized Ground Systems:

Operators worldwide choose Hughes when it comes to engineering their satellite ground systems. For GEO systems, recent customers include SES and Eutelsat. We’ve developed LEO ground system technology for GlobalStar, Iridium, and OneWeb.