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What Do We Mean When We Say, “Managed Services?”

Hughes Managed Services

Can you name all the piece parts of your network; what they do or how they work? It’s a bit of a trick question because networking today is so sophisticated and complex. No longer do networks just involve modems, cables and equipment. In addition to physical components, a network is now defined by the protocols it uses to communicate, how it controls traffic, where traffic begins and ends, how the network performs, how it’s secured, where its users are and its purpose.

When Hughes says we deliver “Managed Services,” what we mean is end-to-end services to support all aspects of a network, both as it is defined today – and how it may be defined tomorrow. End-to-end spans everything from design and installation to maintenance and 24/7 field support, plus everything in between. Our Managed Services are segmented by the network’s piece parts, from routers, switches and connectivity to security, Wi-Fi and digital signage. “Managed” refers to the fact that Hughes takes care of it all for you. Soup to nuts, as they say.

Depending on your needs, Hughes Managed Services can be purchased individually, in any combination, or as a comprehensive solution for an entire enterprise network.

  • Managed Broadband is reliable, cost-effective and best-fit connectivity for each and every location on your network – including those in hard-to-reach locations – with enterprise-grade service and reliability.
  • Managed Routing takes care of monitoring, managing and maintaining your routing equipment across all your locations so your end-users have a better experience when using applications.
  • Managed SD-WAN intelligently routes network traffic across multiple connections for better traffic flow, transforming ordinary broadband connections into secure enterprise-grade, high performance WANs.
  • Managed Security creates a cybersecurity foundation for your entire business, not just a perimeter defense. And Hughes defends every path, every cloud, everywhere – even as your network grows.
  • Managed Switching handles the management of LAN/VLAN switches across all your locations, to ensure consistent configurations and optimized network performance.
  • Managed Wi-Fi connects your employees and guests access to critical applications via fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi access and fulfills expectations of being connected everywhere, all the time.
  • Managed VoIP delivers high-quality voice communications (well-suited for call center and high-volume businesses), simply by leveraging the existing data network – yielding more features plus reduced management and overhead costs.
  • Managed Digital Signage handles the install, hosting, maintenance and support for an integrated network of SmartTV screens to deliver targeted and dynamic content, like video, social media feeds and promotions.

To make it all happen, Hughes brings together proven experience, technology innovation, and access to hundreds of technology providers of all types to support all your networking needs, from planning and deployment to operations and help desk support. And that’s what we mean when we say Managed Services: simplifying the complex world of networking so you can focus on running your business.