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Meet Citizen Needs at Every Site with Managed Network Services

Connect your agency across departments and geographies with reliable communications and digital services.


Today’s government agencies are expected to be well-connected and digitized to support both citizens and employees. Whether you’re operating a distributed network for a wide-reaching agency or establishing site-by-site internet access for workers during the day and the community after hours, Hughes, a managed network services provider, can get your agency connected, everywhere.

Looking to transform your state or federal government network? Go here for state government solutions or here for federal government solutions.

Combining technologies, services and network management, Hughes can revitalize your current network or deploy a new one using proven commercial innovation and the latest transport technologies – whether Low Earth Orbit (LEO) or GEO satellite, fiber or fixed wireless. Under our HughesON™ suite of managed services, we can help you implement consistent connectivity across your network while also paving the way for cloud-based operations and 5G networks.

Reliable connectivity. Our reliable, cost-effective and best-fit connectivity solutions meet the needs of agencies of every size–no matter where your offices may be. We bring best-of-breed connections to each site through partnerships with hundreds of carriers of all types, including LEO and GEO satellite, fiber, cable and fixed wireless.

Greater security. An increasingly complex and ever-evolving threat landscape poses significant challenges for government, especially given its unique position as a steward of data. Our solutions and our partnerships with industry leaders help ensure the level of security, protection and assurance you need in today’s digital world.

Optimized performance. With more demands on a network, our solutions help enhance performance, deliver advanced capabilities, and position government agencies to handle bandwidth-intensive applications and even chart a course to 5G.

Managed broadband services for reliable connections. To meet government needs for connectivity at every location, Hughes offers an array of Managed Broadband Services – from GEO and LEO satellite to wireline services – with primary, secondary and even tertiary backup connections.

SD-WAN for widely dispersed agencies. Our HughesON Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions transform ordinary broadband connections. SD-WAN is ideal for agencies with multiple sites that have differing infrastructures, along with the need for secure, enterprise grade, high-performance networking across all locations.

Solutions for real-time communications. HughesON™ Digital Signage uses SmartTVs and a cloud-based content management system to deliver site-specific and network-wide messages for employees and constituents. See how the VA hospital system implemented digital signage solutions in its many hospitals and clinics.

Satellite for disaster and emergency response. Our custom satellite internet solutions offer easy to procure and deploy options to enable relief and response organizations to stay connected for rescue and recovery, supply management, medical triage and more. Solutions are interoperable to accommodate diverse comms technologies and systems.

We offer solutions and services directly and through government contracting vehicles, both as a prime contractor and as a subcontractor to our industry partners. Contact us to learn more.

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