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Customer-Facing Digital Signage Solutions

Build your brand, increase loyalty, and drive conversions with Hughes Media Customer-Facing Digital Signage solutions.


Our digital signage solutions can help you strengthen relationships and enrich experiences with your brand. Buyers are willing to pay more for a better experience, creating a positive in-store or on-site customer experience is critical for your continued success.

Customer-facing digital signage solutions from Hughes include hardware, network integration and an online content management system for easy updates and systemwide or site-specific campaigns. It’s a turnkey system to provide your audience with timely and appealing visual promotions of your products and services that help foster loyalty and drive sales.

Whether you’re connecting with customers, patients, guests, congregants, members, students and faculty, or constituents, it’s the experiences people remember that build loyalty. And loyal customers are more profitable ones, worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase.

Digital Menu BoardsPurchasing is a visual and emotional decision. Customers buy what they see, so show what you sell! With Digital Menu Boards you can cross-sell, up-sell or shift into entirely new territory using indoor and outdoor digital signs.

  • Immersive HD video displays enhance the experience
  • Integrate QR codes and loyalty programs
  • Easily update menu and promotional content from anywhere

Digital Promo Boards: Optimize your sales space with dynamic messaging at the point of decision. Digital Promo Boards capture attention in passive ways while also informing consumers and generating sales. In-store videos, text and graphics promote brand consistency while engaging and empowering your customers to feel confident about their purchases.

  • Change prices, discounts, and promotions with easy-to-manage web-based applications
  • Develop cross-sell opportunities by offering customers complementary on-screen suggestions
  • Share relevant product information or features at the time of purchase

Waiting Room TV: Shift your clients’ perceptions of waiting rooms – use the opportunity to inform, educate, and connect with Waiting Room TV. Broadcast customer messaging alongside live TV in your lobby, waiting area, cafeteria or wherever people gather.

  • Share important information about services being performed
  • Engage and inform with dynamic video and graphics to reduce perceived wait time

University Digital Signage: Today’s students are more connected than ever. Keep them informed, engaged, and involved by communicating timely and accurate information across all campus locations and facilities, whether around the corner or around the globe. CampusVision offers customizable branded templates to display messaging for students and faculty.

  • Display live broadcasts, announcements, campus news, sports scores, emergency notifications, event reminders and highlights
  • Integrate social media posts to amplify your messages
Video drives conversion – it’s all in the numbers:
  • Viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading the text*
  • 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making a purchase decision**

Learn more about the digital media players and devices that power Hughes Customer-Facing Digital Signage solutions.

Talk to an expert! Contact us today to answer your questions about how to use Hughes Customer-Facing Digital Signage to enhance the customer experience for your business.

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