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Fast, Reliable and Flexible In-flight Connectivity

High-speed, multi-orbit, in-flight connectivity.

The new connection starts now. From the company that invented satellite internet comes Hughes In-Flight network connectivity solutions serving both commercial and business aviation.

A robust suite of integrated, multi-transport solutions, Hughes In-Flight enable airlines and airline service providers to deliver the first-class Wi-Fi experience that passengers demand.

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Small, Lightweight & Affordable
ESA Technology

The Hughes LEO Antenna for aero applications is an electronically steerable antenna (ESA) optimized for aeronautical implementations, supporting fast and reliable service with data rates & up to 195 Mbps to and 32 Mbps from the aircraft. Designed and manufactured by Hughes, the terminal enables high-performance broadband connectivity with a lightweight, low power consumption approach.

  • Works with or without an existing IFC solution
  • Lightweight and low power
  • Small footprint
  • No moving parts
air passenger using in flight connectivity to stream tv on cell phone
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Hughes In-Flight Suite of Aero Solutions

Offering both Geostationary (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite service options, Hughes In-Flight gives commercial and business airlines the ultimate flexibility in deploying In Flight Connectivity (IFC) that meets business needs while satisfying passenger expectations.

Options include:

Hughes JUPITER In-Flight

  • Combining Hughes JUPITER™ System baseband equipment with Ka-band high-throughput satellite connectivity from the Hughes JUPITER™ fleet
  • Also offering Hughes JUPITER System baseband equipment to enable in-flight connectivity using capacity from any JUPITER-enabled Ka- or Ku-band satellite worldwide

Hughes LEO In-Flight

  • Delivering a managed in-flight solution that combines low-latency, global satellite capacity from OneWeb with the Hughes LEO Antenna

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Managed Capacity for Aviation

For airline service providers serving North and South American airlines, the fully integrated JUPITER™ System mobility solution delivers the capacity density necessary to keep airplanes full of passengers connected with high speeds and reliable service from gate to gate. The aero connectivity solution combines Hughes JUPITER Ka-band High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) capacity with JUPITER System gateways and terminals as well as network management and operational support.

JUPITER System for Aeronautical Applications Anywhere in the World

In service across hundreds of commercial aircraft, the JUPITER System for aeronautical service enables high performing and efficient in-flight connectivity to support passenger, crew and equipment connectivity. Using Ka- and Ku-band satellite capacity, the JUPITER System delivers reliable in-flight connections with throughputs of up to 600 Mbps with our dual-modem Modman. This dual-band system enables operators to make use of the best available satellite capacity over each flight route—including Ku- and Ka-band fabrics worldwide. The system provides enough bandwidth to deliver connectivity to a commercial airplane full of bandwidth-hungry passengers.

Connectivity without the Gaps:
In-flight Roaming

Operational around the world, the JUPITER System supports roaming across JUPITER-driven implementations. Due to the vast reach of the system, any airline service provider operating a JUPITER System can provide gate-to-gate uninterrupted service for flights traveling from one part of the world to another. As the aircraft flies, the onboard JUPITER Modman automatically switches between beams and satellites. Multiple JUPITER systems deployed around the world have the capability of seamless roaming across airline service provider networks, subject to agreements among operators.


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