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Defense Network Solutions for DoD Contracts

Hughes provides secure, innovative defense network solutions for the DoD.


Whether for R&D or actual service deployment, the opportunities for multi-orbit, multi-transport communications for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) loom large for the industry. Yet, few DoD contractors possess all the necessary engineering skillsets, implementation capabilities and network management expertise in-house to meet the requirements of any one RFI or RFP. 

To help you fill in the gaps in your defense network solutions, Hughes offers a range of capabilities to defense contractor partners – from custom-engineered technologies to systems integration to outsourced network management. For example:

For decades, Hughes has led the SATCOM industry in developing and deploying cutting-edge technologies and solutions that put information within reach securely in every domain. We can do the same for you with:

Contact Hughes to discuss how we can help you meet the requirements for your next RFP. 

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