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Connect to the New Possible with Your Satellite Ground System

Get the most out of your next-generation satellites with the ground network standard that puts the power of possible in a single platform.


In the global dash to deliver more connectivity to more places, today’s new-generation Geostationary (GEO) satellites are pushing the limits of what was previously thought possible. Higher capacity, faster speeds, 5G and flexible payloads are opening new opportunities for GEO applications – and demanding new capabilities from ground systems.

If you’re in the market for a ground network partner to turn your satellite innovations into high-performing broadband services, let’s talk – whether you need a single hub and hundreds of terminals for a specific implementation or a custom-engineered and scalable system including gateways, data centers, user terminals and BSS/OSS. Our ground system is continuously innovating to take advantage of the latest technology and industry developments to support your satellite over its lifetime.

The industry’s most innovative and capable High-Throughput Satellites (HTS), including SES-17, Eutelsat KONNECT VHTS and Hughes JUPITER™ 3 , are being engineered and deployed with Hughes ground system technologies powering advanced features like:

  • Software-defined payloads
  • Q- and V-band feeder links
  • Cloud-connectivity
  • Virtualized gateways
  • Multi-transport solutions
  • Multi-orbit capabilities
  • Multi-network services
  • Higher performance with artificial intelligence and machine learning

With both off-the-shelf and fully customized systems, Hughes leads the industry in VSAT engineering, manufacturing, implementation and network management. Our JUPITER™ System sets the de facto global standard for satellite ground networks.

  • More operators choose ground systems from Hughes than any other partner – over half of all VSAT deployments worldwide are our systems
  • The majority of VSAT implementations in the last five years are JUPITER
  • The largest satellite network implementation in the world, with millions of endpoints, is owned and operated by Hughes for our Hughesnet® customers – the ultimate testimonial

On Ground System Standards

Hughes engineered the technologies that are foundational to the industry, including:

  • The GMR-1 standard for mobile satellite systems
  • The Internet Protocol over Satellite (IPoS) broadband satellite standard
  • Most of the patents for the DVB-S2X standard, which comprises the technical standard for satellite transmissions

Our ground system customers benefit from the technologies and services that we innovate under the Hughes brands, including Hughesnet and JUPITER. Our business – and the entire industry – thrives on making the innovations we develop for our own services available to our partners. For instance, the features and capabilities of the ground system for our newest JUPITER 3 satellite are packaged into the JUPITER System Series 3 offering for other operators. And we continue to innovate – developing and deploying enhancements to our technologies and systems at a rapid pace, helping to ensure the viability and return on investment of Geostationary satellites.


Contact us today to learn how Hughes can help maximize the performance, efficiency and ongoing value of your satellite assets.

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