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Serve More Customers Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

Extend your mobile network efficiently and economically with the Hughes JUPITER System.


By 2026, global mobile cellular subscriptions are expected to grow to 8.8 billion, supported by more than half a million geostationary satellite backhaul links, according to ABI Research. Are you ready to capture your share of the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) market?

Whether meeting government universal service obligations or organically growing your customer base, expanding your network into rural and remote places is probably on your strategic roadmap. We can help with satellite backhaul solutions that can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively to any location, including areas of low population density that would otherwise be too costly to connect. Use satellite backhaul to extend network service directly to more subscribers and to deploy Community Wi-Fi hotspots and connect even more people under a shared cost model.

Depending on your business needs, Hughes can supply just the equipment for your backhaul sites or a fully integrated backhaul network including equipment, network management and satellite capacity – either from our own JUPITER™ Ka-band high-throughput fleet over the Americas or our partner operators worldwide. When it comes to equipment for satellite implementations, the Hughes JUPITER™ System – the most widely used Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) system in the world – is the platform of choice for Mobile Network Operators, satellite operators and aeronautical and maritime service providers.

For mobile network backhauling, the JUPITER System offers a smart approach to network orchestration and management. In addition to leveraging satellite capacity to extend network reach, you can enhance network resiliency by offloading terrestrial connections to satellite when landlines are down due to natural disaster or during peak times – planned or not.

Some features of the JUPITER System for mobile backhaul include:

  • Dynamic in route configuration for the highest possible efficiency
  • Dynamic traffic load balancing
  • 5G-ready design
  • Private cloud-delivered network management
  • Advanced air interface that yields the highest possible bandwidth efficiency and performance

Powering thousands of cellular backhaul sites and more than half of all geostationary satellite implementations worldwide, the JUPITER System is the de facto global standard.

For more information about the Hughes JUPITER System and how it can help you expand your mobile network, contact us.

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