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Attract and Retain Customers with a Consistent Franchise Experience

Maintain branded franchise standards and security at every customer and employee interaction with Hughes as your networking partner.


In the competitive franchise marketplace, success often hinges on translating the brand experience across locations, and supporting the brand properly requires a consistent and reliable network at every site. Core networking capabilities can make or break Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, back-office applications (such as real-time inventory), Wi-Fi service and network and data security, among other business processes. Compounded by different transport technologies and providers at different locations, ensuring a consistent digital infrastructure site-by-site and maintaining trust between franchisors and franchisees can be a challenge.

To help franchisors and franchisees sustain the branded experience that customers and employees expect, Hughes offers a set of comprehensive services that help strengthen operations and create robust digital experiences. Download the brochure to understand why Hughes is your partner of choice.

Major national brands like ExxonMobil, QDOBA, BP, Jack in the Box, SONIC, Chevron, Denny’s and Phillips 66 depend on Hughes for network design, operations and management. Since we deployed our first enterprise network for Walmart in the mid-1980s, Hughes has grown, along with our customers, to deliver:

Increased security and PCI compliance that enable every size franchise operation to achieve the highest level of security and protection, and comply with payment card industry standards. Managed security and backup service are available through Secure Connectivity Services using the award-winning Fortinet security platform. Read how one c-store franchise strengthened customer payment protection with our PCI Compliance Suite.

Immersive digital experiences with video-on-demand capabilities and the ability to manage and display dynamic media rich content, Hughes digital signage solutions boost customer engagement and employee training efforts. Guest Wi-Fi services also allow customers to search the web, use loyalty apps, compare pricing and post on social media, all without compromising your network security.

Consistent network performance with managed services, optimization technologies and backup options that achieve consistent, enterprise-grade service over broadband connections at every location. Read our insight for four tips to keep your network healthy.

Unparalleled service and support from our sales, engineering, customer support and field service teams. Our global support team is available anywhere you do business. Plus, we offer concierge-style service with dedicated program managers and engineering teams for flawless implementation.

Contact us for more information about the Hughes Franchise Bundle.

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