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Satellite on house in Mexico

Satellite-enabled Community Wi-Fi Solutions

Connect the Unconnected with Shared Wi-Fi Access.


For operators and governments working to bridge the digital divide, a satellite-enabled Community Wi-Fi solution from Hughes can quickly and easily deliver affordable high-speed internet service to hundreds of users at a time. Whether offering service under a Universal Service Obligation (USO) or through a shared subscription model, the Wi-Fi hotspot, combined with high-throughput satellite backhaul, makes it possible to expand internet access to unserved and underserved communities, as we have demonstrated in Mexico, RussiaIndonesia and around the world.

The two main challenges faced when attempting to bridge the digital divide are providing backhaul connectivity to the proposed broadband service area and making the internet service affordable. While the cost of terrestrial backhaul depends on the distance from the network core, backhaul connectivity via satellite is available ubiquitously and cost-effectively, regardless of distance. The service is made inexpensive by offering bite sized usage plans as low as a dollar per hour of use.

Hughes Community Wi-Fi solutions include a VSAT and Wi-Fi equipment that extends the signal across a 50- to 80-meter radius. Once a site is deployed and set up with the hotspot, the local community of users benefit from high-speed internet access.


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The JUPITER™ System and other Hughes equipment enable Community Wi-Fi solutions for more than 30 million people across more than 65,000 hotspots around the world – in schools, libraries, community centers and shops.


Advantages of the JUPITER System:

  • High performance, with 300 Mbps+ throughput per terminal with acceleration
  • Next-generation VSAT platform designed and optimized for broadband services
  • Enables operators to achieve the highest possible capacity and efficiency
  • Prevents fraud and misuse with the built-in ability to lock the Wi-Fi access point to the VSAT modem
  • Any JUPITER HT terminal can power a hot spot service - from the HT2000 to the HT2500
  • JUPITER HT terminals support 16,000 simultaneous sessions - ideal for Wi-Fi hot spot services with many concurrent connections
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What is Community Wi-Fi?
Community Wi-Fi is internet access offered over a Wi-Fi hotspot that anyone with a Wi-Fi capable handheld or laptop can use, either on a prepaid or government-subsidized (USO) basis.
Home/SMB Community Wi-Fi is internet access that any home or small business within range of the Wi-Fi signal can use (typically on a prepaid or subscribed basis).
Satellite-enabled Community Wi-Fi is internet access offered over a Wi-Fi hotspot and powered by satellite connectivity, making it ideal for providing affordable Internet access – even in places where wireline and wireless broadband are not available.
Community Wi-Fi access can be implemented in different ways to meet operator, government or community needs. For example:
  • Prepaid: Offered by an internet service retailer who installs a VSAT and Wi-Fi hotspot on their premises, then sells Internet access to the public at an affordable, per-use price.
  • Subsidized: Offered by government, often in partnership with a telecom company to bridge the digital divide by delivering broadband internet service at government-sponsored locations (e.g., schools, libraries, health centers, community centers). The service is offered to the public for free or a reduced cost.
  • Home/SMB: Offered by a telecom company that deploys a VSAT and Wi-Fi hotspot to provide broadband internet service to a neighborhood. Homeowners pay a monthly subscription fee to the operator to have internet access in their homes.

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