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Cloud Based Digital Signage

Digital Signage is driving a communication revolution.

At Hughes, we recognize the power of a dynamic communication platform to deliver targeted messages to influence a particular audience.  When that audience is customers, you have the opportunity to improve customer service - which will increase customer satisfaction and will build customer loyalty.  

When digital signage is deployed for employee communications, organizations, especially those that are highly distributed, have the power to provide timely, yet passive messages to employees that foster engagement and culture as well as build brand loyalty.

With the Hughes MediaSignage platform, your distributed organization can manage 1000s of digital signs from a single, cloud-based content management system from anywhere at any time.  In real time, you can see signage status, push updates to various players, and schedule content months in advance - so you can ensure that your signage is saying what you want when you want.  

Additionally, the Hughes MediaSignage platform is built to store video and signage data at the sign level, which means that if your network goes down, your screen continues to play the scheduled content - ensuring that your message is always delivered.   

Hughes offers player and player-less digital signage options, which means that no matter the budget or no matter the location - Hughes can help your business communicate and connect with customers and employees like never before.




“Digital Signage from Hughes is two systems in one. Customer AND Employee Communication”