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Digital Signage Offers Ample Possibilities for Improving the Customer Experience

Digital Signage

Most merchants recognize that improving the customer experience is essential to growing revenue and expanding business – the goal is to create an experience at the pump or in the store that quickly meets customer needs, matches brand expectations and inspires customers to return. What they may not have considered in their calculations is how to use digital signage more strategically to improve the customer experience.

Today’s digital signage solutions can help enhance the customer experience through vivid product imagery and video. Most signage solutions make it easy to create, manage, and schedule content with simple “drag and drop” functions. With a cloud-based service, content management can be accessed in a browser window, with no additional software or plugins needed. As an example, the Hughes MediaSignage System is a cloud-based digital signage solution with options for a player or a SmartTV.

Here are five ways to use digital signage to not only improve the customer experience, but also boost sales and profits:

  1. Target your promotions. Digital signage is tailor made for targeted messaging with the ability to schedule content by time of day and by display so you can target your exact audience. But you can also align your messaging with products you want or need to sell based on inventory. For example, if you have high counts on perishable items like milk or eggs, you can promote a special half-price offer midday to target busy parents coming in after school pick-up.

  1. Refresh content frequently. Indoor and outdoor digital menu boards allow you to update your menu and promotions as often as needed. Fresh content engages customers more effectively because they’re always encountering something new. Consider rotating messages by time of day, work shift, customer demographics and seasonal offerings.

  2. Encourage the mobile app experience. Create digital signage promotions to persuade customers to download your mobile app, then deliver a “thank you” offer or coupon once they do. You can also reward heavy app users with special deals or loyalty points.

  3. Incorporate social media feeds into your digital signage to a create a customer-centric "share-worthy" environment spotlighting different channels, influencers, employees and members of the local community. You can even stream social media posts from local non-profits, schools, and civic centers to foster a stronger sense of community.

  4. Shape expectations. Because digital signage is dynamic, you can provide customers with real-time information, such as "order up" status, to support more efficient operations and shape their expectations.

  5. Strengthen customer engagement. Bolstering the emotional connection to a brand comes from repeated interaction. Digital signage is a dynamic though unobtrusive way to strengthen engagement and reinforce your brand’s messaging and personality.

Be it to promote overstocked items or keep the brand relevant in buyers’ minds, digital signage offers unlimited possibilities. And applying digital signage strategies to improve the customer experience may be the fastest path to boosting sales and profits.

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