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Smaller 13” Screens Mean More Options and Uses for Digital Signage


According to InfoTrends, digital signage leads to a 31.8% increase in overall sales and generates an increase of 32.8% of repeat buyers. Now, the addition of smaller 13” SmartTV screens to the HughesON™ Digital Signage solution expands the ways that digital signage can be employed by businesses of all sizes. For businesses that don’t have the wall space to accommodate larger screens, the small screens make a great addition to the on-site customer experience. For businesses and locations that already use larger flat screens, the small screens enhance the “surround-sound” experience as they can be deployed in any number of places – on counter tops, at checkouts, in aisles, and endcaps – as a complement to the total signage program.

“This new 13” screen is 30-40% smaller than our larger screens, so now small and large businesses can enjoy all the benefits of digital signage,” said Curtis Campbell, senior marketing manager at Hughes. “The screens create an immersive digital experience in any location where decisions are being made, from the cereal aisle or coffee bar to the beer fridge or gas pump.”

With built-in media players and Wi-Fi capability, the 13” signs also feature interactive technology that promotes customer engagement. Mr. Campbell shared some examples of how retailers might use the new devices:

  • At a cosmetics counter or Health and Beauty pop-up shop, he explained, a “Touch Me” prompt might invite shoppers to explore a video of hundreds of available lipstick shades.

  • A wine store might entice shoppers to enter a phone number to enroll in their loyalty program.

  • A pet shop might feature in-store only digital coupons or Buy One, Get One specials on dog food or chew toys.

“You can also use digital signage to marry the digital and in-store experience. For example, a screen by a dressing room could make it easy for a customer to search for another size online. Or, they can be used anywhere someone needs to check-in, to create opportunities to interact without requiring staff,” he said.

Large-format digital smart screens have been deployed successfully across enterprises as menu boards, employee bulletin boards, and visitor guides. The smaller screen makes it possible for businesses with less square footage to enjoy all the advantages of digital signage – and for larger enterprises to enhance their digital deployments with countertop, aisle and even dressing room displays.

“That 13” screen opens up digital signage to a host of new markets, including convenience stores, boutiques, doctors’ offices or even kiosks; locations with vastly different footprints than the larger enterprise,” he said.

As with the larger SmartTV screens, HughesON Digital Signage features a user-friendly interface and cloud-based content management system to make it easy to schedule, target, and manage content by screen location, audience, and time of day.

“These screens can deliver full marketing content that’s specific and relevant, but not overwhelming, and be used to drive action,” Mr. Campbell stressed.

With reports of digital signage leading to increased revenue and greater brand awareness, the 13” screens offer big opportunities for businesses of all sizes.