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Waiting Room TV

Waiting Room TV can impact the customer experience and build both awareness and loyalty with your customers.


The Power of Video to Influence

Hughes Waiting Room TV allows you to share information, including:

  • Products and services that your customers may not know.  

  • Information that will educate your customers on the service currently being performed

  • Suggestions to enhance current services with additional products and offerings

  • Explanations on how services are performed, what they do and why they are important

  • Customers place in line as they wait to be served

Hughes Waiting Room TV offers live broadcast TV as well as tailored local site information via an integrated video communications system, which is designed to decrease your customer’s perceived wait time while simultaneously providing information through a system that already has their attention.

With Hughes Waiting Room TV, you can:

  • Make your customers' wait an enjoyable experience with customized programming

  • Engage and inform your customers with dynamic lifestyle video and graphics

  • Keep customers more informed and satisfied

  • Reap the benefits of loyalty, increased revenues and increased profitability

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Make waiting entertaining

The time customers wait while a service is being performed is time they may feel is wasted, and they would probably rather be doing something else. But as an innovative service provider, you can turn this around and use it as an opportunity to transform this wasted time into productive time to expand business opportunities, increase profitability and actually make the wait time enjoyable for your customer.  

Designed for Your Business  

Hughes Waiting Room TV is a solution tailored to your business needs that provides customer-facing messaging alongside live broadcast TV in your lobby, waiting area, cafeteria, or wherever your customers congregate. It includes all the hardware, cabling, and installation necessary to distribute the content within each site and across all your store locations.

Use customer waiting time as a chance to inform, educate and serve your customers with Digital Signage

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