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Breakroom TV

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Breakroom TV is a cost effective and efficient way to communicate with employees throughout your organization.


What will it do for you?

As a passive, flexible, easy-to-setup, easy-to-use employee engagement and corporate communications solution, BreakroomTV enables retailers to deliver real-time, relevant, messaging wrapped around live TV / on-demand video.  Social media feeds, local site information, KPIs, and much more.   

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Breakroom TV is one of many digital signage solutions powered by Hughes MediaSignage. One system. Countless possibilities.



If you reduce turnover by just one person per year at each location, the savings could pay for the
Breakroom TV service.


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employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text.

Unlocking the power of video

When employees across all facets of the business are connected, they are able to present a strong front to the market and effectively deliver the experience your customers demand.  


Bringing it & everyone together


Nothing is worse than an employee shrugging their shoulders.  BreakroomTV creates a culture that engages your employees, creating loyalty, higher satisfaction and better customer experiences.    And, with its integrated VOD (Video OnDemand), your employees can view training videos, on demand broadcasts, and much more.  

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Communicate & Train - From a single screen

Make training more convenient with integrated VOD (Video OnDemand).  With a simple click of the remote or touch of the screen, users can access a robust library of video-based assets and on-demand programming - giving you more from the same screen.  

No breakroom?  No problem.

Screens come in all different sizes.  And so do brick-and-mortar stores.  With compact, full-featured, interactive SmartTVs, you can place BreakroomTV and virtually any of Hughes' MediaSignage solutions anywhere - giving your employees access to real-time messaging and metrics, regardless of store size.  

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