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With Modern Digital Signage Solutions, One Screen Can Impact Your Entire Business


The traditional single purpose digital signage screen with accompanying player is becoming as much a thing of offices past as Rolodexes.

The old single-purpose signage model channeled all the benefits into a single place and was essentially an isolated technology. For example, digital signage displayed an advertisement, the breakroom TV showed only office updates, and conference room monitors existed just to display what was directly connected, mostly powered by the familiar local boxes. It was useful and certainly beat out Xeroxed copies and pushpins, but it was limited.

Recent advances in technology, like smart TV's and cloud-based content management systems (CMS), have made so much more possible.

As a result, people, including your staff and your customers, don’t just want more out of their tech, they expect it.

With modern solutions for digital signage, one screen can generate a return on investment for multiple areas of your business and address a wide range of your target audience, internal or external.

One Screen. Many Uses.

One screen no longer means one purpose, or even one purpose at a time.

For example, the new commercial LG SmartTV running WebOS 3.0 or later is capable of running the Hughes MediaSignage application. But this is just one of the things you can do with this display.

In addition to serving as an employee engagement tool with the Corporate Infotainment content, it can also integrate live TV (like DISH or Comcast) within the signage layout, play Corporate Town Hall sessions or be a Video-on-Demand appliance.

Modern digital signage solutions are as simple as they are powerful.

Simply hang a smart TV, connect to the network and you’re set. With a centrally managed approach like the Hughes Cloud Based Content Management System, you can quickly and easily connect and control the signage throughout your office and enterprise.

For example, in conference rooms, install a screen as an energy efficient, lower heat and better resolution upgrade to your current display and you’ve improved capability and cost savings simply by upgrading.

Conference Rooms or Employee Engagement? Yes. And So Much More.

The same display can then also be used as an employee engagement tool or customer engagement tool. When people arrive for a meeting early, they can see company messages and information until the host arrives and formally starts the meeting. Two different departments have now derived benefits from a device which previously just displayed the contents of a meeting.

Digital signage solutions like Hughes’ can also carry out Town Halls for those times when a playback is necessary. If there are training items, you can be sure that everyone gets the same training by distributing the VoD file to the smart TV and having the Hughes MediaSignage system play and track the video-on-demand content.

With modern smart TV’s, solutions like Hughes’ are not just better technology, they’re more capable technology, able to drive benefits across multiple departments of your organization.

Upgrade your digital signage solution and pack the old single purpose displays back wherever you put your Rolodexes.