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Connecting Park Systems in States and Across the Country

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A park system located in a southern state provides visitors with a variety of recreational opportunities across a diverse landscape that includes mountain ranges, dense forests, river gorges, and pristine beaches.

  • Park properties offer many amenities, including restaurants, concessionaires, hotels, campgrounds, and rentals.
  • The facilities team members need to communicate with each other, process transactions, and deliver a strong guest experience.
  • Each park also needs to be able to connect with sister parks and access enterprise-wide resources and applications, like the state’s integrated guest reservation management system.



The individual parks are all situated in vastly different areas with varying broadband options — some are in communities with extensive communications infrastructure, while others are not. Networking inconsistencies and occasional terrestrial outages made it difficult for the parks to deliver a consistent visitor and employee experience across the state.

Hughes Solution

The state contracted Hughes for Managed Broadband services to resolve these disparities, enabling every park to gain high performing and reliable broadband and the ability to deliver consistent user experiences.

  • Hughes optimized network connections at all 90 park locations, selecting best fit access types and speeds.
  • Despite having diverse transport types, each park and its facilities have connectivity that is enterprise-grade, high performing and resilient.
  • If the primary terrestrial network connection goes down, the solution’s automatic failover switches to a 4G backup.

To make network management turn-key for the state —even with multiple broadband vendors – Hughes serves as a single source provider—handling the provisioning, billing, management, and installation across the entire system.

Hughes Technology

Managed Broadband delivers high performance networking with redundancy, resiliency and security. Higher bandwidth and fast speeds enable agencies to support bandwidth intensive apps, streaming video, and Voice over IP services, and improve the user experience.

With over 400 service provider partners, Hughes Managed Broadband delivers the perfect high-performance enterprise-grade network connection anywhere an agency needs to provide services to citizens, including hard to reach remote locations.

Hughes is an expert in building multi-transport networks. Using fiber, cable, 5G, LTE, satellite and microwave, Hughes optimizes the network on a site-by-site basis to provide the access types and speeds that will best meet the organization’s needs.