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Private Wireless Network with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Services

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"LEO satellite services are the simplest and most reliable means to set up a private communications network in a remote region. The high-speed broadband delivers the bandwidth to meet all on-site needs and keep remote operations securely connected to the rest of the world."


A corporate mining company needs a reliable communications network to provide data, voice, video and IoT services for a large site in a remote location in order to:

  • Connect workers with each other and managers 
  • Collect monitoring data on equipment usage
  • Link the site with company headquarters and other external services
  • Provide connectivity for workers to support quality of life needs


Mining operations can stretch across thousands of square miles and are located in the most remote areas. It is imperative that managers are able to stay in touch with workers performing their duties throughout the site and also stay connected with a variety of equipment, including remotely operated machinery. At the same time, personnel located at headquarters need to be constantly updated on the state of site operations and movement of product along the delivery network.

Hughes Solution

A reliable, high-speed broadband private network is critical to keep a remote mining site working smoothly and efficiently. But, growing demand to serve both business and personal needs is making it more difficult for companies to satisfy these requirements via terrestrial options.

A private network powered by Hughes Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity meets the needs of remote mining operations of all sizes. With LEO-provided broadband, the mining operator created a canopy communications network that provided the coverage, capacity and control it needed.

  • LEO constellation services provide a low-latency, broadband option that meets voice, data and video demands for all on-site users
  • The company has full control to configure network usage, designating bandwidth to serve specific needs at all times
  • Offer a connection to external networks to maintain contact with corporate offices, equipment manufacturers to monitor usage or local safety services if needed
  • Provide dedicated bandwidth to meet the training or personal needs of employees to improve morale and retention

The mining operator knows that its choice of LEO broadband services supports all on-site communications needs via a single provider, helping keep valuable operations up and running and assuring the revenue stream is not interrupted.

Hughes Technology

Hughes-supported LEO broadband services deliver a single, powerful offering to support large-scale enterprise operations.

  • Delivers high-performance, enterprise-grade network connection to the most remote locations
  • LEO constellations orbit closer to the Earth’s surface than geostationary satellites, ideal for supporting low-latency business applications
  • LEO capacity and coverage provides consistent, high-level service throughout the entirety of the service area and ensures the same broadband speeds and network resiliency for every user and every need
  • Ensures connectivity between the private network and external locations that need to be kept apprised of the remote operations
  • Hughes offers three LEO service levels, with specific data allowances and download/upload speeds to meet enterprise needs