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Network Backup with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Services

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"Network back-up with LEO transport via HughesON Managed Broadband supports the services critical to grocery store operations — credit card transactions, inventory management, IoT monitoring, employee scheduling and communications."

Hughes Customer:

A grocery store chain with 2,500 locations across the U.S. depends on its distributed broadband network for:

  • Inventory tracking and management

  • Point of sale transactions

  • Digital signage across the system

  • In-store community services such as pharmacy and banking


Across the retailer’s network, each site stands to generate thousands of dollars in revenue per day, so any network degradation—not to mention an outage—is a costly risk. With a variety of broadband connections in use across the system – including fiber, cable and satellite transports – it’s not unusual for 10% of the stores to experience some level of service interruption in a typical day. Network issues for any length of time can wreak havoc on store operations, leading to dissatisfied customers and lost sales.

Hughes Solution:

After evaluating a variety of broadband back-up options, the grocery store chain chose to deploy HughesON™ Managed Broadband with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity. With HughesON Managed Broadband, the company achieved network redundancy, resiliency, and security integrating the best available broadband options for primary connections at each site, with system-wide LEO back-up.

  • The integration of services from a LEO constellation provides a low-latency, broadband option that spans every node on the network.

  • With global coverage, LEO service can be activated at any single site, group of sites or network-wide, in case of service interruption.

  • Service level agreements and billing are managed by Hughes, regardless of broadband supplier, for accountability and consistent service and support.

  • LEO broadband supports the services critical to maintaining grocery store operations — credit card transactions, inventory management, IoT monitoring, employee scheduling and communications.

The grocery store IT team enjoys peace of mind knowing that the LEO back-up will keep operations online no matter what, helping to achieve uninterrupted revenue flow and satisfied customers.

Hughes Technology:

HughesON Managed Broadband combines terrestrial and satellite-based connectivity solutions into a single, powerful offering to support enterprise networks of all sizes, from the most remote sites to urban centers.

  • Delivers high-performance, enterprise grade network connection anywhere you do business, including remote locations.

  • Integrating MPLS, fiber, cable, LTE and microwave services with geostationary and LEO satellite coverage enables Hughes to optimize network connectivity on a site-by-site basis.

  • The addition of LEO capacity increases the options available to every node of your network. LEO constellations orbit closer to the Earth’s surface than geostationary satellites, ideal for supporting low-latency applications and backup capabilities that maintain high-speed levels of service in the event of primary service interruptions.

  • With uniform availability across the continent, LEO back-up ensures the same broadband speeds and network resiliency at every site.

  • Hughes offers three LEO service levels, with specific data allowances and download/upload speeds to meet enterprise needs.

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