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Comms-on-the-Pause with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Services

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A federal agency responsible for securing the nation’s borders often sends teams into remote and rural parts of the country where terrestrial connectivity is unavailable and cellular mobile networks are spotty and unreliable, if available at all.

"A public safety agency that integrates LEO satellite capacity and simple, compact packages into its operations ensures its deployed personnel that they have the communications they need whenever they need them. LEO satellite solutions from Hughes are turnkey to implement without the need for specialized training."


Agency personnel must patrol large, often remote, areas – such as the border between Texas and Mexico – over hours-long shifts that take them out of range of power and cell towers. Communications are essential to their operations, as agents must stay in contact with their teams, command central as well as local law enforcement throughout their missions.

The agency sought a mobile communications systems that:

  • Provides two-way communications
  • Is compact, lightweight and fully transportable
  • Can be set up and switched on quickly
  • Guarantees service over a broad and continually changing territory

Hughes Solution

The agency selected a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) broadband solution from Hughes so that personnel in the field never have to worry about staying connected - especially when patrolling remote areas. With a portable, solar powered, terminal, agents in the field can set up services easily. A self-pointing antenna system establishes instant, high-speed, low-latency broadband connectivity—in any terrain.

The Hughes Comms-on-the-Pause (COTP) LEO service:

  • Supports voice, real-time data and high-definition video transmissions;
  • Offers nationwide – and even worldwide – coverage to deliver connectivity in remote and offshore areas where even 4G cellular is unavailable; 
  • Operates over a stand-alone network rather than a shared terrestrial/wireless infrastructure; and
  • Comes with service level agreements and billing managed by Hughes for accountability and consistent service and support.

Hughes Technology

A COTP solution from Hughes supports the needs of law enforcement and military organizations charged with safeguarding the nation’s borders with:

  • Low-latency, two-way communications anywhere;
  • Portable, easy to deploy terminals with vehicle-mounted and man-portable options;
  • Optional solar power; and
  • Dedicated bandwidth for reliable connectivity to support mission critical applications.