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Public Safety Network Backup with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Services

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"A public safety network that integrates LEO satellite capacity provides emergency management organizations the reliable communications they require when primary service is interrupted but the need for emergency response is needed most."

A local emergency management organization responsible for answering calls from areas across a remote western state requires a public safety network backup communications solution that:

  • Switches on easily by local personnel
  • Provides seamless coverage over a large and remote response area
  • Ensures availability under any circumstance
  • Offers low cost options to reduce pressure on strained budgets


Disasters can have an impact across wide portions of a state, but the emergency response begins at the local level. For emergency management organizations serving remote areas, terrestrial services keep their phone lines up and running during normal operations, but the connections can be interrupted during natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wildfires or other weather events. Responders need a backup solution that keeps emergency call centers fully operational so they can be available to assist those in need both during and in the aftermath of a large disaster.

Hughes Solution

The emergency management organization selected the Hughes solution with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity to ensure redundancy and resiliency of the public safety network. People living across hundreds of square miles will be able to contact emergency services even when all other terrestrial services have been cut off.

  • The integration of services from a LEO constellation provides a low-latency, broadband option that spans every node on the network
  • With global coverage, LEO service can be activated in any local area, larger region or the entire service area
  • Service level agreements and billing are managed by Hughes, regardless of primary supplier, for accountability and consistent service and support
  • LEO broadband supports continuous connectivity to ensure that constituents reaching out for help will not experience any disruption in service

The emergency management agency enjoys peace of mind knowing that the LEO back-up will keep the public safety answering service operational, ensuring residents can place calls and emergency responders can perform duties as expected.

Hughes Technology

Hughes disaster & emergency management communications systems that incorporate LEO satellite services support the needs of emergency responders from urban centers to the most remote and widespread areas.

  • Turnkey systems can be turned on quickly and easily in the event of any service interruption
  • Delivers high-performance, broadband connections across the entire response site, enabling voice and locations services across remote areas
  • Supports full call center operations and allows personnel to connect with the central location and each other
  • Can be scaled to meet the current needs, expanding reach and capacity when required and reducing services as terrestrial services come back online and demand for backup service begins to ebb