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Secure and Responsive WAN Connectivity with Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Services

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"For organizations that provide critical customer services, WAN backup using Hughes LEO-supported broadband service is essential to maintain connectivity. The low-latency, secure service means operations continue uninterrupted and customers can access essential services—no matter what."

A national pharmacy chain with 5,400 locations seeks to evolve its business into a healthcare extension for the communities it serves. Offering on-site walk-in clinics, medical laboratories and services such as vaccine administration and blood pressure monitoring, the company handles reams of personal healthcare and insurance information for its customers. It needs the ability to communicate securely and in real-time with doctors and insurance companies.


The pharmacy chain relies on its wide area network (WAN) to provide a consistent customer and employee experience across the system. However, with broadband ranging vastly in reliability from location to location, the company’s IT team sought a secure and responsive low-latency back up transport that:

  • Provides secure connectivity across the entire operation;
  • Connects headquarters, regional offices, retail sites and doctors’ offices; and
  • Ensures security and real-time responsiveness for critical health information.

Hughes Solution

The pharmacy chain chose to incorporate a Hughes Low Earth Orbit (LEO) backup solution into its WAN operations to ensure that, in the event primary connectivity is disrupted, critical pharmacy operations can continue, securely and reliably. With LEO broadband services, every retail site in the pharmacy network gains a redundant, resilient backup connection that can deliver the necessary bandwidth to stay connected even when local infrastructure is disrupted. As a result, the company delivers on its brand promise to provide reliable services to its customers.

  • LEO provides a low-latency, broadband backup that covers every site in the pharmacy chain’s network;
  • The service activates with automatic failover to connect a single store, several locations or a larger footprint with hundreds or thousands of sites, almost instantly; 
  • Highly sensitive healthcare information is protected in compliance with HIPAA regulations;
  • Customers, their physicians and the pharmacy staff employ interactive applications to share information in real-time and ensure a high level of care.

The pharmacy company—from headquarters to the most remote branch—can feel confident knowing their network will always be available and, in the event of a primary network outage, customers will never be inconvenienced.

Hughes Technology

Hughes LEO-based connectivity delivers a high-quality, broadband backup solution in a single, customizable package to support enterprise networks of all sizes, including critical retail operations in urban areas, suburban locations and rural and remote sites.

  • Low-latency, broadband provided by LEO satellites, which orbit closer to the Earth’s surface, means connections with medical personnel and offices will continue in real-time, reducing possibility of delays in providing customer care;
  • LEO broadband delivers high-performance, two-way network connectivity everywhere; and
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) are available to meet every network need and price point.