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HughesON Managed Network Services Make It Easy for Major Fuel Retailer to Meet EMV Deadline

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HughesON Managed Network Services Make It Easy for Major Fuel Retailer to Meet EMV Deadline

Successfully achieving complete EMV compliance is no easy feat. The transition calls for extensive evaluations of each retail fuel site, hardware and software updates to the automated fuel dispensers (AFDs), and significant network and security upgrades. For larger fuel operators, particularly territory managers that oversee multiple locations, the process requires time and technical expertise they might not have amidst their other responsibilities. In fact, according to a Conexxus survey, nearly 30% of retailers who have yet to comply with the EMV mandate cited effort and complexity as barriers to compliance.

For operators overwhelmed by the task ahead, partnering with a qualified Managed Network Services Provider (MNSP) like Hughes can help simplify the EMV transition. MNSPs have the resources and technical knowledge to decode the requirements and perform the necessary network and security upgrades, allowing operators to focus on other priorities.


The territory business manager for a major fuel retailer needed to upgrade the network and hardware at 36 stations across the metro Atlanta area ahead of the EMV deadline. The manager knew he needed an MNSP that could expertly make the necessary upgrades across all locations yet tailored to each site’s unique needs – ensuring a consistent customer and brand experience no matter where drivers pumped gas.

After reviewing several potential candidates, he ultimately chose to partner with incumbent Hughes for its HughesON Managed Network Services. In addition to the MNSP’s competitive pricing and turn-key network solution, he called out the company’s 24/7 support and service as standout differentiators.

Hughes Solution

“Hughes developed its HughesON Managed Network Services with busy managers, like me, in mind. Between their expert technicians and detailed customer service teams, I felt secure knowing that my sites were in the right hands,” said the territory business manager.

Since network infrastructure can vary across retail fuel sites, Hughes conducted comprehensive site surveys assessing each location’s dispenser type, POS system and broadband connection to determine the necessary network and security upgrades. The surveys also evaluated current chargeback levels and the ultimate cost of the transition by location.

Conducting EMV-compliant payments requires an Internet connection that can handle the increase in bandwidth associated with chip-based transactions. Hughes optimized the fuel retailer’s network on a site-by-site basis to ensure the necessary network capacity and speeds to carry out chip-based transactions properly. Given the shift in fraud liability, security was a significant component of the upgrade as well. Hughes updated each location’s Point-of-Sale (POS) firewall and Local Area Network (LAN) switch, which serves as a gateway for all POS applications and segments credit card transactions to maintain PCI compliance. Operators who fail to switch their POS firewall expose their businesses to increased security risks and invalidate their ability to receive remote software updates over the network.

An added benefit of Hughes is its round-the-clock support team. Hughes Digital Concierge service ensures customers’ networks continue to run smoothly well after initial installation. The Hughes dedicated support team monitors activity at each customer site, proactively reporting and remediating issues in real-time. The service also provides customers like the fuel retailer with 24/7 line of sight through the HughesON portal into each location’s network performance at any given time and the assurance that he can reach a Hughes representative whenever he needs assistance.

Hughes successfully upgraded all 36 retail fuel sites in just two months and well ahead of the April deadline.

“I have been thoroughly impressed with Hughes throughout the EMV transition process. The Hughes support team was quick and responsive, and the technicians were extremely knowledgeable,” said the territory business manager. “I knew I could count on them to answer my questions and help solve any problem. Everyone was also very friendly.”


Since completion, the operator’s 36 retail fuel stations have been running seamlessly with no major incidents since reaching full EMV compliance.

“HughesON Managed Network Services exceeded my expectations. It’s a solid, partner-centered solution with top-notch customer service that helps fuel retailers like me feel supported every step of the way,” said the territory business manager. “Everything’s been running great. We couldn’t be happier.”

Hughes is a trusted and proven partner to thousands of fuel retailers, helping hundreds of operators achieve EMV compliance. Partnering with an MNSP like Hughes can help fuel retailers correctly identify the upgrades they need and the most cost- effective way to achieve them – saving operators time and money.

For additional information on how Hughes can support your company’s EMV transition, please call 1-888-440-7126 or visit