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Hotels Deploy Video on Demand Solution to Train Staff on Changing Health and Safety Protocols

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"Cleaning standards are continually changing. Ensuring that our housekeeping and maintenance teams clearly understand the current requirements is critical. In fact, our ability to survive the economic downturn associated with the pandemic depends on it."


- Director of Maintenance Operations

A hotel chain with more than 60 hotels under management across the Midwest region of the United States.


Hotel guests have high expectations when it comes to cleanliness; housekeeping and maintenance staff are held to exacting standards. The pandemic prompted even stricter cleaning protocols, with little-to-no-room for error or inconsistences. So when COVID-19 first made the news, the Director of Maintenance Operations for the hotel chain knew he had a problem on his hands. With more than 700 cleaning and maintenance staff members, he worried about how best to share information with them about the pandemic. Even more so, he questioned how he could be certain that his team learned the brand’s new COVID-related cleaning protocols and evolving health and safety requirements.

Hughes Solution

To address changing training requirements, the customer selected the HughesON™ BreakroomTV solution, with Video on Demand (VoD). Running as an integrated cloud-based app on LG SmartTVs, the system enables the management company to provide cleaning and maintenance staff with access to essential and continually updated content, announcements, and on-demand videos. 

  • Video on Demand is an ideal tool for reinforcing proper step-by-step cleaning procedures since it is easier to follow than text-based instructions.

  • With the Hughes solution, staff members check daily to see if updated information is available—a new job requirement. They can log-in to the MediaTraining system from any device.

  • Urgent announcements or alerts are also displayed on the BreakroomTVs.

  • The management team can access system metrics to determine which content is most engaging, track course completions in real time, and ensure staff are complying with training mandates.

Hughes Technology

The Hughes turnkey deployment included professional installation of SmartTV screens at all 60 hotels. Screen sizes varied depending upon room size and accommodations. Field maintenance services are also provided, so the customer can focus solely on content creation and management. 

  • Touchscreens or remote controls enable staff to access a broad library of training materials. 

  • User-friendly interface allows local hotels to easily integrate site-specific training content when necessary. 

  • Cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) supports time of day scheduling and the ability to upload or remove content to ensure relevancy and timeliness.

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