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Women’s Active Apparel Retailer Boosts Employee Skills and Improves Customer Experience Using Hughes Digital Signage

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"A Digital Marketing Association study found that 30% of shoppers made an unplanned purchase after seeing a product featured on an in-store video promotion. Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text. Dual purpose solutions that provide content on demand boost employee skills, better engage customers, foster brand loyalty and ultimately improve sales."

A women’s active apparel retailer with 250 locations across the United States; company-owned stores are situated in malls and “town center” shopping destinations.


With typical store sizes of 2000 square feet, this specialty retailer struggled to create a high-touch, customer-focused experience across its locations. The company’s staffing model allowed for only two to three employees working the floor at any given time. Yet, its goals for a branded experience included extensive customer engagement, such as welcoming shoppers to the store, providing fit and style guidance, promoting individual products and outfit ideas, and bringing new sizes or options to shoppers in the fitting rooms.

With a lean staffing approach, employees were unable to adequately deliver this high-touch experience. As a result, brand loyalty was starting to suffer and sales were declining.

Hughes Solution

The brand’s Marketing, Merchandising and HR teams agreed they wanted to use video to better engage and guide shoppers, especially when staff were busy assisting other customers. They sought a multi-purpose solution to support dynamic signage capabilities at front entrances to welcome shoppers inside and showcase product promotions, with interactive screens throughout the store to enable customers to explore various outfit and style combinations. HR wanted to use the solution to deliver employee soft-skills training after hours to further improve the in-store shopping experience. Additionally, the teams wanted a budget-friendly but sleek solution to fit with the store’s visual aesthetics.

The customer selected HughesON™ Managed Digital Signage to address all of their needs with a single system solution:

  • SmartTV screens mounted in front store windows help to entice and welcome shoppers inside and showcase daily and weekly sales promotions.
  • Screens placed throughout the stores create an immersive digital experience, with video-on-demand capabilities for customer engagement. Screens also double as training stations for use by employees before and after the doors open. Touchscreens enable customers and employees to access to a broad library of materials.
  • The user-friendly interface allows local managers to easily integrate site-specific content with branded messaging supplied by the home office.
  • Cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) supports time of day scheduling, so screens display customer-facing promotions and information during store hours.
  • Smaller 13” digital screens near the time clock allow salespeople to see any relevant information or announcements for the day when they start and end their shifts.

Hughes Technology Highlights

The HughesON Managed Digital Signage deployment was turnkey, with professional installation performed at all 250 sites across the country within 75 days. Field maintenance services are also provided, so the customer can focus solely on content creation, management and scheduling. Go here for more information about HughesON Managed Digital Signage.