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HughesON Digital Signage Can Help Your Customers Get in and Get Out


Today’s grocery customer has one clear motive: to get in and get out. To do that, they want to know the lay of the store and where to find their favorite items. They need to understand safety protocols, traffic flow patterns and new processes so they can check out efficiently. When grocers facilitate this “get in and get out” approach, they strengthen the customer experience (CX). According to Kantar Retail, customers spend 35% more annually at customer-centric grocery retail brands than they do at average grocery stores.

So, how can a grocer become a more customer-centric brand?  By providing the clear information and guidance customers crave at multiple points along their in-store shopping journey. Knowledgeable and well-trained staff can also speed the CX along.

“Hughes Digital Signage does it all, delivering content strategically to customers and to employees, so retailers can meet these types of goals,” said Mike Tippets, vice president, Enterprise Solutions at Hughes. Available on both large and small sized SmartTV screens, Hughes Digital Signage features a user-friendly interface and cloud-based content management system to make it easy to schedule, target, and manage content by screen location, audience, and time of day.

“Retailers can place digital screens with prompts to answer questions, provide directional guidance, or help customers find an item. In the product aisles or on endcaps, small screens can be mounted to display chef-inspired recipes or videos on how to pair this wine with that food. One goal is to place useful or inspiring information in front of shoppers when they’re making purchase decisions,” he explained.

Placing digital screens in breakrooms or back-office settings to train and engage staff is another strategy for improving the CX. RSR Research found that 44% of successful retailers say better trained labor is required to meet expectations for a more convenient and satisfying shopping experience. The study also noted that 40% of those same retailers say employee engagement is a top challenge to providing a good CX. Digital signage can help. Content on these screens can be attention grabbing animations, video and graphics, and share relevant details on in-store promotions, executive messages, company news, product demos or process reminders.

“While it’s true that better trained employees deliver a better CX, some customers don’t want to interact with staff while they’re shopping. And employees need to be trained to know when to let the customer browse and when to offer help. That’s why digital signage can be deployed to meet both customer and employee needs,” Mr. Tippets said.

“When a store combines content delivery, employee engagement, training and technology to become a far more customer-centric brand, they’ll help shoppers get in and out quickly. And that will help keep them coming back again and again.”

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