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How Waiting Room Digital Signage Helps Businesses Build Customer Loyalty

Waiting room

Waiting. It’s been a part of human existence since the beginning of time. Rare is the person who truly doesn’t mind waiting. Sometimes the unexpected occurs and delays follow, setting up a domino effect for the rest of the day for everyone. There’s a reason they’re called “waiting rooms.”

Put on your client hat and recall the last time you sat in a waiting room. How was it? Did you bring something to help you pass the time? What was the type of service you were waiting on? Medical? Vehicle-related? Personal care? How about the expense or urgency of the visit? Was it routine? Did your waiting time fly by? Did it aggravate you? Was the appointment one of many for that day? All of these factors matter, even if it’s for something as simple as a haircut or a routine dental cleaning.

As a client, your mindset plays a big factor in perception of waiting and how you feel about that provider.  Waiting room digital signage solutions are a game changer for transforming the customer’s perception of waiting.  

Capitalizing on the time your clients spend waiting – whether that’s by providing entertainment, educational information, or updates on their wait time -- can go a long way toward retaining them.

Flexible and customizable digital signage options offer an infinite number of possibilities of what to display – you get to decide what’s relevant to your customers:

  • Office information: Missed-appointment policies, your office’s pledge of quality assurance, patient or client rights and privacy policies, scheduling guidelines, service requests, or COVID policies

  • Queueing data: Which appointment or service is coming up next or who’s order is ready for pickup at which window or area

  • Industry-centric content: Upcoming events, workshops, or market trends

  • Marketing collateral: Enhancements or upgrades, specials or discounts, or showcase customer testimonials   

  • Local updates: Community events, local weather and news, or live broadcast TV

No matter your line of business, waiting is often inevitable; digital signage presents a dynamic and limitless opportunity to enhance the experience for a captive audience. The same technology can be implemented around the entire office, including to educate and motivate employees on their break. While your clients are being informed in the front, breakroom digital signage allows your staff to learn about the products and services you provide, upcoming promotions, and real-time updates that can help grow your business.

The adage of “a picture is worth a thousand words” is magnified with digital signage to “video is worth a million words”; the landscape is ripe with opportunities to passively educate, entertain, motivate and retain your customers and staff.