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How On-campus Signage Raises Awareness & School Spirit

On Campus Digital Signage

Academic life in the 21st century is more dynamic and energized than ever, with students of all ages carrying access to global news in their pockets or backpacks. They are more informed, plugged in and ready to participate in whichever event that suits them or piques their curiosity, so how do schools and campuses grab students’ attention at a very local campus level? Keeping up with and facilitating that level of social activity is what differentiates enthusiastic, successful and memorable school environments from others. That’s where on-campus digital signage comes in – because if “a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.” When sharing whole-school programs, ones that touch the school, community, or campus identity, digital signage empowers you, the campus leadership, with all the tools you need to inform, inspire, and connect. As one principal noted, “It has been nothing short of a gamechanger for our communications capabilities.”

Faculty, staff, students and their parents can engage with content and initiatives they are passionate about and that the administration is keen on sharing, such as advocacy programs, fundraising events, and academic or social gatherings like a band concert, student government elections or an athletic event. With QR codes, the on-screen message can be simple and your students can scan the code while they’re on their way to class and learn more when they catch up with friends.

Digital signage is also customizable on the fly – no more printing and hanging flyers, only to have a change in schedule render the information useless almost immediately. Educational institutions of all sizes – from elementary schools all the way up through colleges and universities -- can broadcast and update information in one location or several within the same network. Local or systemwide updates can include:

  • Emergency alerts about a utility outage

  • Rescheduled event due to inclement weather

  • Reminders about last day to pack out of dorms

  • Deadlines to meet

  • Cancelled classes

  • Organizations or groups seeking venues or sponsors

  • Social change events

  • Changes of venue for a guest speaker

  • Live broadcast of an athletic or theater or speaker event

On-campus digital signage is scalable: it can broadcast live events to a certain segment of your population or to all your locations around the world — from your main campus to satellite campuses or to co-ops your institution operates in far-flung locales. Never before has technology created bridges for all students (commuter or residential or graduate and beyond) and faculty (adjunct or tenured or emeritus, full-time or part-time).

Keep school spirit alive and well with a flexible signage platform like Hughes CampusVision, your customized cloud-based digital signage solution for campuses of any size.