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Real-time, High-Def Video Streaming for Rotary Wing Aircraft

Between the blades transmission is only the beginning.

Why HeloSat for Your Mission?
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More Bandwidth
Stream HD video in real time with zero packet loss
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Cost Effective
No data caps and a lower cost per bit
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Legacy Interoperable
HeloSat is built on open architecture
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Tested and Proven
HeloSat works on multiple rotary wing aircrafts
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Beyond-Line-of-Sight SATCOM System for Rotary-Wing Platforms


Hughes is bringing wideband multi-megabit data to rotary platforms with patented, through-the-rotary-blade Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLoS) Satellite Communication (SATCOM) technology. Our trailblazing capability equips helicopters to support next-generation, real-time Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), border security, law enforcement, emergency medicine, and disaster response.

Let Nothing Block Your Mission

With HeloSat, Beyond-Line-of-Sight ISR is always within reach.

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